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Monsters Hand Drawn by Kids

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A picture of one of the hand-drawn monsters.

Looks like Gumby and the StayPuft Marshmallow Man had some kids. Illegitimately.

When I saw this stumbled upon this site, it was pretty obvious that it needed to go on our blog because here at “How To Be A Dad” revel in riding a line that’s a razor’s edge thin between adult and child. Behold: childhood drawings brought to life!

Check out all of the drawings here: MONSTER ENGINE


5 Responses to “Monsters Hand Drawn by Kids”

  1. Loren Helgeson says:


    Very cool rendition. 😀

  2. andy says:

    The Internet is a weird place.

  3. Loren Helgeson says:

    Wow! Just goes to show that the phrase “now, I’ve seen everything” is an absolute impossibility when it comes to the internet.

  4. Kathy V. says:

    Have you seen this? It’s amazing. More than amazing. I want to buy every single thing on the site.

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