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Endgame Best Moments & GIVEAWAY

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Giveaway Infinity Gauntlet movie replica and Avengers Engame Blu-ray

Celebrating the Blu-ray and Digital release of Avengers: Endgame, Disney has sponsored this post.


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We all have our favorite moments in great movies, whether they’re pivotal character or plot developments, or just really really cool scenes and great lines.

The entire MCU 22-movie saga (click for chart) is loaded with these moments, and Avengers: Endgame is bursting with them.

If you don’t have Endgame moments where you clench your jaw or grip your seat, or laugh, or tear up, you should probably check yourself for a pulse. I have at least a dozen points where I tear up or whisper “yeeeesssss!” Let’s have a look at some!

Spotlight on Endgame Moments

Here are three moments for each of the original 6 Avengers. The first pictures are safe, the second is spoilery, and the third is incredibly spoilery!

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Captain America Moments

Hawkeye Moments

Thor Moments

Black Widow Moments

Hulk Moments

Iron Man Moments

Aside from being an incredible movie by itself, Avengers: Endgame is a brilliant love letter to the entire saga of 22 movies, culminate in the cinematic grand finale of all finales. Get it today on Blu-ray, Digital and 4K… OR WIN IT BELOW!

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You could win a hand-made Infinity Gauntlet metal movie prop replica, with LED light-up Infinity Stones that magnetically snap in! You’ll also get a Blu-ray and Digital copy of Avengers: Endgame clutched in its fist!

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Avengers fans, ASSEMBLE! Good luck!


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  1. Chris Sheehan says:

    I need this in my life

  2. Will lake says:

    I so need this

  3. John Potase says:

    My favorite Avenger, besides Spider-Man in the movies, but in the comics it’s a toss up between an old line up. For the regular east coast Avengers its Iron Man, but for the West Coast Avengers its Hawkeye.

  4. Sandy says:

    A little Thanos required please…

  5. LordSega says:

    Please let us know who won =)

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