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How to Be a Dad

22 Festively Edgy Holiday Comics

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With all the sweet family movies and cheery holiday music, the overall G-rated, brightly-colored wonderful time of the year can get to be a bit much. You can’t eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner and expect to live long.

Take a break from the marshmallowy wonderland and sink your teeth into these bitter, darker-toned comics. Because we’re adults now, and we can!

1. Santa finds a way.

Berkeley Mews


2. Gingerbread house demolition.

Hedger Humor


3. Ya better watch out! He sees what you’ve been posting.

Metzger Comics


4. An attempt was made.


5. Muhuhohohohoho!

Berkeley Mews


6. Have to maintain believability.

Extra Fabulous Comics


7. There’s no OSHA in the North Pole.

Berkeley Mews


8. Holiday munchies.

Berkeley Mews


9. No one could be this naughty! Ahhhhh!

For Lack of a Better Comic


10. Be careful what you wish for.

Unearthed Comics
Christmas Tree Comic


11. Santa’s sleigh could use a windshield / splash guard.

Jim Benton


12. Grand theft sleigh.

Lunar Baboon


13. Miniature yule log.

They Can Talk


14. The gift of life.

Good Bear Comics


15. Say cheese. GAH!

Cartoons for You


16. You asked for it, kid.

Cyanide and Happiness



Adam Ellis


18. This.

Jim Benton


19. Enough is enough.

Twisted Doodles


20. Do you or someone you know suffer from rode nose syndrome?

Jake Likes Onions


21. Someone always has it worse.

War and Peas


22. Set the bar low.

Fowl Language Comics



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  1. Mary Brice says:

    This is awesome, I am always love to spend time with family specially with kids. My younger son is my best friend and we both do lot of fun stuff. Many Christmas!!

  2. Brian Ray says:

    Great, It’s really awesome and makes me funny. I love kids and want to spend time with kids. late Many Christmas!!

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