How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Baby Operation, Anxiety-Fueled Fun for the Whole Family!


Baby Operation board game funny parody

Parenting can be a pretty eye-twitchy undertaking. So! Why not make a thrilling game of it! Baby Operation! Now we can watch our kids (attempt to) play, and (hopefully) learn a little damn empathy for all the nutty stuff we needed to deal with when they were just little wiggling bags of giggles and spittle.

Sit back and watch the sweat bead on their trembling lip. Force back a bitter laugh as they try to steady a hand against the nervous tension of anticipation and fear…



Baby Operation isn’t just the latest, it’s the greatest! Outfitted with a motion sensor, the game now knows when a player’s tweezers are close, and will suddenly activate its animatronic arms and legs so they flail wildly back and forth, making the challenge both nerve-wracking and basically impossible. Just like parenting!

Baby Operation Board Game Kung Fu Flailing Arms and Legs

Your kids may devlope ninja reflexes! Or develop a facial tick and possibly a condition resembling epilepsy. But in either case, they’ll definitely become more aware of what it’s like to be a parent!

Such fun!


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