How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Video Surprise that Will Give Your Heart an Atomic Wedgie

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When I have to travel for work, I miss my family. No matter how busy I am, something just doesn’t feel right, constantly. Like your heart is wearing a pair of underwear backward.

Additionally, the empty ache of separation is often made worse when I think of my little guy missing me. My wife’s a big girl, and has probably had more than her fill of me most of the time, but when I think of my son hanging his head sadly because I’m gone, it gives that backward pair of heart underwear an atomic wedgie.

I cannot even comprehend how military service men and women do it, or anyone whose career takes them far away for long periods. I just got back from a business trip, so when I saw this video it really struck a major chord for me. So sweet and sad and wonderful. Enjoy!

Credit: Twitter/Mnveee


4 Responses to “Video Surprise that Will Give Your Heart an Atomic Wedgie”

  1. Andy says:

    19 year Navy man. My son has a daddy doll. He is seven now and still has it. Hope to retire the daddy doll some day. This video got me right in the feels.

  2. J says:

    Not to be an English Nazi here, but I believe the phrase “struck a major CORD” should be “struck a major CHORD”. 🙂

  3. sam-c says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working

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