How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

11 Edgy Parodies of Animated Classics

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There’s a lot of hilarity to be had when a web comic takes something intended for kids, and puts an adult-ized take on it. Sure, there have been tons of mature jokes subtly hidden in a lot of children’s cartoons and animated films, but there’s nothing subtle about these jokes.

1. Old Habits

Adam Ellis


2. Teenaged Mutant Ninja Intervention


3. “And I’ll form the bullet!”


4. Missing Smurf


5. Another Purpose

Ryan Kramer /


6. The Assassination



7. Show Some Respect!

John Martinez /




9. Transform!

NHOJ Comics


10. Problems with Wood

Ryan Kramer /


11. Sending a Message

(Pssst! An “upper decker” is when someone lays a poopie trap in the tank of a toilet as a hidden stink bomb.)


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  1. John A Cyscon III says:

    that smurf one! it could be a far side type comic or a t shirt!

  2. Devonia says:

    That was fun! Missing Smurfs!

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