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How to Be a Dad

14 Children’s Book Quotes That Are Better Than Any Motivational Poster

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Sometimes you’re reading the silliest, weirdest story to your kid, and you happen upon a line of text that leaps off the page and hits your mind like a splash of cold water.

Adults see a lot of inspirational posters and motivational statements, even mottos and taglines from products in ads are trying to encourage and empower us. Mostly to buy their products, but still. There’s a whole lot of uninspiring inspiration out there that’s just trying too damn hard.

Obviously, children’s books are “for kids,” but they’re authored by adults, people who have lived and observed and thought about life. So, there are some pretty deep, uplifting and though-provoking statements that have found their way into “children’s stories” that the rest of us big people can profoundly appreciate while reading to our little people.
















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  1. Urdu Wave says:

    I love these, thaks for sharing

  2. Ritika Patel says:

    These are brilliant! Wonderful post to look over when in need of a motivation boost.

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