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How to Be a Dad

Caught in the iAct!

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Kids break things. It’s in their DNA. Okay, maybe it isn’t, but there’s a lot of klutziness between the time their little-human DNA becomes big-human DNA.

We’ve all done it, as kids ourselves, and I think it’s fairly safe to say that every parent has experienced with their own kid. Committing some “crime” or accident, freaking the heck out, and then trying like mad to cover it up or backpedal out of it at light speed.

With all the technology and cameras rolling throughout the world, the internet has a tons of video clips of wrongdoers caught doing wrong. Here’s a hilarious look a kid catching himself iPod-handed and trying to get away with it. Poorly.



2 Responses to “Caught in the iAct!”

  1. David Hardin says:

    I thought that boy was going to be honest and immediately tell his father. Guess not!

  2. Charlie Alf says:

    Its true, its almost inevitable that something will get broken when children are involved. I know this was his dads iPod, but so many kids these days have phones, and iPods and iPads and it makes no sense to me because they almost always break them. So many things are funny about this video, from his face when he discovers he broke it to him trying to casually play it off. Thanks for the laugh!

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