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How to Be a Dad

Putting a Mattress to the KID TEST (Video + GIVEAWAY)

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With just a few seconds of hand jive on a smartphone you can order food, clothes, auto parts and even deer urine (it’s true, don’t ask). What a time to be alive! Or something.

Now, you wouldn’t think to order something like let’s say a MATTRESS online. But, you can! And I did.

Of course, there’s that expression, “The proof of the pudding is in its tasting.” Well, I tasted that sweet sweet mattress pudding already, and the Cocoon by Sealy passed the comfy test. Since I’m a parent, though, I had to inflict my son and our dog on it. For science!

Aside from the awesome thrill of receiving a Stone-Henge-sized box at your door, the Cocoon by Sealy mattress unpacks and fills out like a miracle in minutes. It’s pretty amazing, and it’s KID TESTED, FATHER APPROVED.

(Up to $999 Value)

Two people will win the prize of their very own mattress delivered free to their home. Cocoon by Sealy mattresses come in all classic mattress sizes, ranging in price from $549 (Twin) to $999 (California King). Winners can choose between two distinct feels that provide a true upgrade in comfort. Your very own soft or firm “Happy Place.”

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This is sponsored by Tempur Sealy. And while the opinions about Cocoon by Sealy‘s mattresses are my son’s, my dog’s and my own, I’m pretty sure they know how rad their mattresses are.



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