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How to Be a Dad

Horror Movies for Toddlers (Bad Product Idea #19)


Just think about it. Kids films box-office spectacularly, for the young and old alike. And horror films also sell like hot cakes dripping with strawberry blood. Hmmmmm…

Hollywood is clearly missing a huge opportunity here: horror movies for toddlers! Opening up an even younger youth demographic, and, since they can’t walk, this would include their movie-ticket purchasing parents.

Babies and little kids are massive cowards, so it wouldn’t take a ton of special effects or a wishing well filled with severed limbs to spook them. Heck, some of the little whimperers are scared of their own shadow! This means they’d be obscenely cheap to make, with super simple connect-the-dots plot lines. Just imagine…



Toddler Horror Movies Bedtime Invaders








Toddler horror Movies Ankle Snatchers

Sure, parents struggle with the dilemma of whether a movie is appropriate for their kid, in a theater or at home. This isn’t about that. This is about Hollywood’s next biggest thing!

Maybe nightmare-fuel movies that turn very young people into screaming, bawling messes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But as long as there are paying parents out there that take their little bags of wiggles and giggles to age-inappropriate films, it’s a cup of tea Hollywood is probably very ready to brew and serve.

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5 Responses to “Horror Movies for Toddlers (Bad Product Idea #19)”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You forgot “Terrors of the Vacuum Cleaner”.

  2. Shannon says:

    Or just simple “FEAR OF THE DARK” )))

  3. Gaby says:

    Hahahaha these are perfect xD

  4. JaneD says:

    I thought this was a joke at first but there are parents I know who do not control their kids viewing.

  5. chantel glynn says:

    Don’t forget the bath plug!

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