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6yo’s Adorable First-Time Reaction to STAR WARS (Video)

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6yo's Adorable Reaction to Watching Star Wars A New Hope for the First Time

We’d planned it for weeks, but I’d been thinking for years about my little son seeing Star Wars for his first time.

I’d been getting a little anxious with the swiftly approaching release of The Force Awakens. I wanted my little lad to see A New Hope and its original cast of characters — Luke, Han, Vader and crew — before he learned any more friggin’ spoilers, or got hyper interested in the new movie before he’d had the chance to start at the beginning. The proper beginning!

I figured his reactions were going to be adorable, so I videoed us watching the entire film and edited it into this short video. I also knew he was going to ask a bazillion questions, so I did an online survey about how many:

Even I was blown away by the final count of his questions! See if you can guess how many he asked or just enjoy his cute reactions and my misty-eyed joy.

May the Force be with you and your kids, always!


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  1. Elaine says:

    Absolutely amazing! This takes me back as Star Wars was the first non animated movie I watched as a child and watched with my dad. I’m a huge Star Wars fan thanks to it but also have a strong bond with my dad because of that experience. Well done.

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