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15 Printable Masks That Scream Creativity

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Halloween can often turn into an arms race of coolness. Costumes take on a level of detail and accessorizing that makes movie studios look like chumps.

But what about the rest of us who want something unique, expressive and cool?

Well, check out these 3d printable masks by Wintercroft. More info on these rad masks below!

The Dragon

02 - zzxTpdP

The Ram

04 - TxHE8hO

The Fish Face

01 - y7bK2qG

The Stag

06 - iW9KtKr

The Football Helmet

07 - WwHKCGx

The Pumpkinhead

08 - ZcutKV7

The Owl

10 - SingfRY

The Mammalia

11 - VRwxqdo

The Skull

12 - BHpqfsy

The Elephant

14 - mKi4IL6

The Bearded Man

15 - FV02feK

The T-Rex

16 - OHIVec8

The Gas Mask

17 - POBYTFo

The Unicorns

18 - rIEsUmr

The Bear

19 - sI0hBWP

Wintercroft is a little company out of Cornwall, England run by Steve Wintercroft and his wife, Marianne. He studied art and design, and believes “the urge to create is a fundamental part of being human and these masks provide an excuse to sit down, get out the scissors, tape and paint and make something.”

Steve wants to create an industry with less manufacturing and the ability to reuse materials.

So, check check out their site and social channels!



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  1. Brent says:

    These are way more frightening than the gory, rubber masks at Party City. I love them.

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