How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Dad Mode ACTIVATED! (15 GIFs)

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Let’s all sit back and celebrate those moments when something inside us clicks and, faster than thought, we blur into action, when danger slows everything down and we swoop in and save our reckless, seemingly suicidal little bundles of joy. Sure, it’s not just dads, but go with me here.

Here are some stunning examples of those last-split-second saves by men who activated DAD MODE. Pssst: this post is filled with scenes of very close calls, but rest easy, they all end safely. (Even the 14th one!)

Without even looking.

living room fall dad mode save


remote control car dad mode save


trip fall dad mode save

Aaaaaaand no worries.

bike car dad mode save

Saw this one coming.

play table tips dad mode save

Yoooouu shall not crash!

toy car park hill dad mode save

I got ya covered.

birthday cake dad mode save


sled towards car dad mode save

Pfffft! Please!

swing set dad mode save

Uhhhhhh maybe not so much.

lit birthday candle dad mode save

Nuh-uh, not on my watch!

couch fall dad mode save

No no no no! All good!

beach fall dad mode save

I got this.

falling down stairs candle dad mode save

Holy Shazam!

car rain dad mode save

I don’t think so.

monkey grabs tail dad mode save
Image sources: and Reddit DadReflexes

There are a surprising number of clips out there of men catching speeding baseballs while holding an infant or toddler, but I don’t care for them, personally. Probably because I’m not sporty and would likely brain my child in any such attempt, but mostly because I think of Dad Mode as that superhero moment when you suddenly go brilliantly berserk and take your kid out of harm’s way.

We don’t always act with such swift reflexes and smooth effectiveness, but it’s safe to say our care is always there for our kids.

25 MORE Amazing Dad Mode Moments
Some are simply awesome, and some are kinda awful-some.

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21 Responses to “Dad Mode ACTIVATED! (15 GIFs)”

  1. I love this post… I can definitely remember activating dad mode a few times when my kids where young.

  2. I love these. Dads are pretty awesome, aren’t they? 🙂

  3. Yes! Remember when I caught my then 9 month old son by the ankles mid flight head first toward the ground. Should have a before an after of all these Dads to feature the new found grays and loss of hair.

  4. Jessica says:

    These are awesome just like most Dad’s are awesome but can I just comment on how funny it is that the mom in the “candle too hot” giff rolls her eyes like this kid will never learn. I thought that was quite humorous and definitely something I would do with my toddler.

  5. Tad says:

    This is the most instructional post you’ve ever done on “How to be a dad.” Yes folks, dads are like the real-world versions of Tim Howard – we can save a kid from just about ANYTHING.

    • Andy says:

      Saying this is the most instructional post on our site isn’t really saying much since our content is supposed to be destructional, but thanks.

  6. dkpalash says:

    it’s called parenting..!! great..!!

  7. Shawn says:

    My ‘dad moment’ was saving my then 3yo son from choking on a hot dog (my sister didn’t slice it lengthwise). My son’s response, “Why did you hit me?” (I had him leaned over & pounded on his back). I crumbled to the ground & bawled. It was that close.

  8. Rod says:

    I remember my 2yo son (now 15) dancing on the couch & an instant later diving face first for the corner of the coffee table. I caught him one-handed within a couple of inches of cracking his face open. I reckon my hand teleported itself there because I have no recollection of moving. It still haunts me.

  9. Phil Turner says:

    Angels make you quicker, stronger, and they sometimes yell at you wake up!

  10. Marvin says:

    I like this post, Daddies are not always careless, and sometimes they play a very important characters in children’s lives.

  11. whaleh8er says:

    I’ve actually done a few of these! Well mostly like that last one with the monkey.

  12. sharon beck says:

    Yeah! It Was really great. so that we need a man though to secure the whole family by outer force. Doing a great job.

  13. kokobreeze says:

    Yeah, it is really great. Keep sharing.

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