How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

5 Annoying Pieces of Parenting Advice

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1. Arguing With Your Kid?

It’s so true. Maybe we could apply this same advice to achieve world peace? It’s not like we’re tired, hungry, burnt out, and exasperated. Right?

2. Kid Won’t Eat?

Also applicable: if they eat it five times they’ll keep eating it. Picky eaters suck, but pushy advice givers are worse.

3. Kids Won’t Go to Bed

Kids have an innate ability to go to bed late and wake up even earlier. WHAT’S THE DEAL? And not every kid enjoys sleeping. It seems like most are allergic to sleep until the last possible moment. GREAT.

4. Not enough sex?

Because kids love following schedules. And never interrupt you.

5. Kids Don’t Respect You

Listen, we all need to help guide our kids and be responsible. But cutting out the ability to relate, joke, console, high five and otherwise add levity to one of the most grueling things a kid will ever do, growing up, is just plain nuts.


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Tell us: What’s the most annoying advice you’ve gotten? Post it here and let’s get a collection going!


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7 Responses to “5 Annoying Pieces of Parenting Advice”

  1. Eliza says:

    I can’t get my 3 year old to listen to me.
    “You’re her mom. Just make her listen.”

  2. Louise says:

    My friend and her husband have asked me why if I don’t want my child to touch something dangerous I don’t just tell her not to touch it. Because babies and toddlers have amazing self restraint and the child-lock industry is just for stupid parents who never thought to tell their kids ‘no’.

  3. Seth says:

    Before having the baby, “Sleep as much as you can now.” Ummm, thanks? As if I’m not doing that already.

    • eddiegotsole says:

      ^^^ THIS RIGHT HERE! I hated hearing this. Also it’s not like I can just bank a bunch of sleep and then NOT feel tired when I don’t get any sleep with my newborn! I actually think getting LESS sleep is a better way to prepare 😉

  4. Beky says:

    You should have another one so she’ll have a playmate.

  5. eddiegotsole says:

    “Let your baby cry it out so they will learn how to be independent!” Umm independent how?! I’m pretty sure my 2 month old son cannot feed himself, change his own diaper, etc. I think the word is Neglect?!

  6. Larry says:

    Brilliant advice people offer – yeah right! If only it were that easy!

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