How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

TODDLER BINGO! Because Parents Deserve to Win Something


Toddler Bingo Game for parents who need to win something

The thing about playing Bingo is that you’re going to go through an epic crap ton of numbers before anyone hits five in a row. The same is true for Toddler Bingo.

Parents will experience a vast array of toddlerisms before they hit the jackpot. Refusing to eat something, wanting to eat things they shouldn’t, making snot bubbles, screaming to hear the sound of it, dismantling couch cushions, breaking things and “making” you things, the list goes on. You’ll have good experiences and not-so-good experiences with your toddler, but they are most assuredly going to pack your life chock full of random experiences.

It’s pretty safe to assume that by the time one parent whisper-screams “Binnnngggggoooooo!” they’re probably going to deserve a back rub or a nap or a trip to a spa or something.

You can see how this game would, of course, be very easily played with children of any age; babies, kids and teens as well. Wouldn’t it just be nice to win a prize every now and then?

Just try not to be the parent with obnoxious luck, who wins way too often. A loser’s jealousy can get pretty ugly on only four hours of sleep for a few years straight.


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  1. ALKD says:

    I think it’s really important to note that the “I love you” square does not specify that you yourself must be the person/thing your toddler is professing love to. That square is my favorite, because I’m pretty sure I can mark it down for something everyday. It’s OK. I love my kid’s left blue squeaky shoe too.

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