How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

A Guide to Kid Fibs (Illustrated)


A Guide to Kid Fibs

The rad people at The Honest Company helped us bring you this post because DUH, honesty is the best policy.

Kids are little lying sacks of giggles. It doesn’t mean they’re evil or you’ve raised them wrong — they seem to learn it automatically, like breathing, apparently.

There are all kinds of reasons kids tell tall tales. Or no reason at all. These are just a handful of ways they’re like little miniature politicians. They’re just kids though, they don’t occupy a high position in the governing of Life yet, so no biggie.

Adults can also gain a new perspective on the use and application of fib-weaving and truth-augmentation when they squirt out kids of their own. Sorry, little Johnny, the TV is broken. It’s your bed time, the sunset’s just being lazy today. We were just… uhhhh, wrestling, please go back to bed. Living with honesty is best, but no harm done, right?

Kid fibbing only really becomes a concern when the little ones grow up and continue industriously on their career of tale-telling, or band together and form companies that are as transparent as and trustworthy as Pinocchio’s broom-stick of a nose. The world becomes scarily overloaded with fibs.

That’s why The Honest Company exists and why we partnered up with them. Also, because we honestly love and use their products and service. Seriously, no joking, we really do. They’ve got style, sustainability, and rad service. So, dads and moms, check them out!


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9 Responses to “A Guide to Kid Fibs (Illustrated)”

  1. This is fantastic, guys. My son is so into Pokemon right now that I almost spit out my lunch when I got to Porkeymon. Well done!

  2. nick edwards says:

    Love the honest company. The diapers are the only disposables that don’t irritate my daughter and the shampoo makes my hair and beard smell of orange push pops

  3. Good work. Even as an adult I still do a lot of this! Not quite sure what that says about me – compulsive liar or still a kid, perhaps?

  4. Desiree Fawn says:

    Ah yes, the dodging blame lie. I know it well!

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