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How to Be a Dad

Kitten vs. Baby


Alien vs Baby funny comparison

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Ahhhhhh, babies and kitties. Not only are they more alike than anyone might have previously thought (or not even cared to think about), they share another deep commonality: they’re everywhere! Well, on the interwebs, at least and for sure. Did you know that it’s now been scientific-ish-ly proven that the two subjects constitute 98% of the pictures online?*

pie chart of the images on the internet
* I know what some of you are thinking, but let’s leave porn out of the equation, m’kay? There are still some of us who are hanging onto our faith in humanity by a very thin and thoroughly frayed thread.


Even without our own personal pictures, our social feeds are loaded with images of adorable shots of strangers’ kittens nestled in coffee mugs or animated gifs of them “misestimating the jump” (okay, grown up kittens, too), or we see the priceless expressions on other people’s infants, with overlaid text explaining their mystification at what they just came out of, or their suspicion that it seems like Daddy’s trying to steal their milk.

So, you can see now that this Instructional Diagram, in this Versus Series, has competitiveness added to its usual comparison…-ness. You be the judge, though. Make up your own mind about which of these two figures stands highest on the digital mountain of internet short-attention-span fame! Or just keep internetting. No worries.



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  1. Dana says:

    I’ve been saying this forever! We even call our daughter “Kitty!” 🙂

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