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How to Be a Dad

An Honest Modern-Day Kids’ Fashion Paper Doll


An honest modern day funny kids fashion paper doll

Paper dolls have been around since forever, or the mid-18th century (close enough to forever). Little printed playthings you could cut out and dress up in coordinated outfits, luxurious new fashions, with PAIRS of the same socks and shoes, etc. Pure fantasy.

It’s not that anyone who grows up really tires of fantasy and escape. But as you get older, you get a little sick of augmentations to reality. Schmarmy over-promising advertising, Photoshopped everything, links that threaten to LITERALLY BLOW YOUR MIND. Pure bullshit.

When you finally have a kid, you may find yourself really attracted to the naked truth. Especially when you learn that just getting your kid un-naked can be a monumental achievement. As you discover all the wardrobe dysfunction that comes with clothing your mini-me, there’ll be many days when you tell style and color-coordination to go fuuuu…bedazzle themselves. It’s very much a trial-and-fail learning process…

If you thought no-pants were the best, your kid may surprise you with their firm belief that total nudity is the best pants.

You may realize your kid’s pajamas can be pajALWAYS.

Possibly you’ll want to strangle the inventor of button-fly toddler pants, or yourself for buying them.

Maybe you’ll ask yourself, “Why are pants that are a third the size of mine only $5 less than mine?”

So, we learn as we go and do the best we can manage, and make ourselves feel better by buying a toddler graphic t-shirt with a pop culture reference they won’t understand for decades, if they ever do.


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13 Responses to “An Honest Modern-Day Kids’ Fashion Paper Doll”

  1. Were you spying on us this morning? Today my 2YO is sporting “lost and found” shirt, mismatched socks (at least they’re the same thickness) with his hand-me-down shorts. Perfect for preschool.

  2. If I keep hitting F5, maybe the image will load so I can appreciate more than the thumbnail on FB…

  3. Moaz Ahmad says:

    Backwards shoes. Backwards shoes!

  4. Mona T says:

    “PajALWAYS” hahahaha my new favorite word.

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