How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

You’ll Want to be an Action Movie Kid Soooooo Bad!

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Action Movie Kid Videos

It’s pretty much impossible to be a kid and not dream of being an action hero or superhero. They’re just so calm, cool and drive the best friggin’ cars.

Daniel Hashimoto is a father and an After Effects genius who works for DreamWorks. He used his special effects skills to make 10-15 second videos of his son’s playtime into amazing, blockbuster action movie moments on his YouTube Channel, The Action Movie Kid. They are absolutely, breathtakingly rad.

Let’s take a look at some of what it takes to be an Action Movie Kid…

Experience with Gadgets

The right tool for the right job, as the saying goes. And when you’re a hero, whatever age, the tools are going to be pretty flippin’ cool. As with all gadgets though, practice makes perfect. Might want to have a ladder handy.


Proficiency with Futuristic Weaponry

Let’s change “proficiency” to “familiarity” for this one. On the road to becoming a hero, there are going to be a few “cleanups on Aisle 9.” Fully-accredited action movie heroes do an incredible amount of damage to things and places in their dogooder-ing, anyway. It’s in the job description.


Skill in the Art of Escape

An action movie hero can’t win every battle if he wants to win the war. So, like a ninja, he must be able to vanish at a moment’s notice, in the most ingenius and unexpected ways.


Production of Explosions

Everyone knows cool guys don’t look at explosions, they just walk away in slow motion. But the first step in this process is creating the explosions from which to walk slow-mo-ly away.


Mastery of Engineering and Technology

The ability to construct devices and weapons in a pinch is vital. The gadgets and weapons brought to the battle will often get lost or broken amidst all the action, so a smart hero knows he’ll need replacements and will only have himself to count on for them.


Having a Very Rad Father

Go see the rest of Daniel Hashimoto’s videos and subscribe to his YouTube Channel! It’s safe to say, the guy’s probably not gonna stop being ridiculously amazing any time soon. So brilliant. Ugh.

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Instructional Diagrams
These aren’t animated video, but they’re pretty rad anyway.


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  1. daniel says:

    Makes me wish I had a talent.

  2. If ever develops a manual that does in fact tell us all how to be dads, mastering After Effects is absolutely going to be in that manual.

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