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An Online Event Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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This is an online event unlike anything you’ve been part of before, or anything we’ve EVER done. It’s going to be insanely amazing. Insanzing?

What happens when you combine $2,500 in Twitter party prizes, a custom movie poster grand prize giveaway AND audience-driven nearly-live improv comedy hosted by former SNL cast member, Rachel Dratch, for four hours? The epic Clorox Ick Awards is what happens! Check it out…

How can you win prizes?

We’re randomly giving out $2,500 in prizes, all you need to do is RSVP (using the Your Movie form below) and then participate in the event on April 9th with your Twitter account for chances to win. In the first hour, we’ll be giving out $100 good-anywhere gift cards every ten minutes!

For the Movie Poster Grand Prize, if you win you’ll get $100 and custom-created artwork of a movie poster featuring YOU and your chosen movie genre.

How will the audience drive
the Ick-provision videos?

How the Ick Awards Improv Will Work

Improvisation by Rachel Dratch, former SNL cast member, and the players of Second City Communications!


That’s how the magic will happen; YOUR magic. Performed on the spot by professional improvisers from Second City Communications! And starring former SNL star, Rachel Dratch!

There will even be other video bits, pictures and entertaining mayhem! It’s almost certifiably ridiculous, really. We’re not sure we’ll survive the process.

What will you need?

1. A Twitter account and an internet connection and a pulse.
2. The ability to spend money, should you win one of the random prizes!
3. You’ll also need to RSVP. Use this Rafflecopter entry form right below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner of the Your Movie Grand Prize will be announced… during the Twitter event! And their prize image revealed for everyone to see!

Some of our favorites moments through the course of our lives were spontaneous and imperfect. Most, though, were frigging icky at the time. Clorox is here to help us laugh through the messes and celebrate the value of getting dirty.


Your Formal Invite to the
#Ickies Twitter Event

When: Wednesday, April 9th from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET / 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. PT
Where: Follow the hashtag #Ickies on Twitter
Or use the handy dandy Clorox Ick Awards page on Nestivity.
How: To participate, follow the party tag #Ickies during the hour. When you chat with us, make sure to use the hashtag. Make sure you also follow us at (@HowToBeADad), and MomSpark (@MomSpark)
PRIZES: We will be giving away $100 every ten minutes during the first hour and $2500 in prizes during the event! Don’t forget the grand prize: custom-created movie poster art of YOU!

Who can remember anything
these days, right?

Add the event to your calendar!

Remind Me! Sign-up for a one-time reminder email.



Get ready for it!


Disclosure: We’re super thrilled to say that Clorox thought was rad enough to sponsor us to host this monumental online event. They’re all about real life and real moments, so we’re hoping they don’t catch on to the fact that we’re make-believe people.


111 Responses to “An Online Event Like You’ve Never Seen Before”

  1. Mark Samuel says:

    wow, that’s a great idea to count the votes of twitter users. I appreciate that, count me in…

  2. RSVP for the thing about the thing.

  3. Looking forward to it! This is my RSVP!

  4. Marthalynn says:

    RSVP @MarthalynnRodri

  5. Ick. Ack. Uck. Eek. Yack.

  6. This sounds sooo much more fun than a typical twitter clstrfk, er, I mean party.

  7. Josh Misner says:

    Very unique idea! I look forward to it!

  8. Nick says:

    This sounds so rad. Count me in!

  9. Jason Greene says:

    Sounds like fun. I’m in! Oh, and I’ll probably be drinking since my kids will be in bed. So you’ll have that to look forward to.

  10. Chris says:

    Twitter Handle: @LifeofDadShow
    Movie Genre: Comedy
    Family Movie Title: Don’t Put That In Your Mouth

  11. Cher Marsh says:

    RSVP @chermarsh3000

  12. Beau says:

    I’m in!
    Movie Genre: Sappy Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie
    Title: A Family, Some Poop, and the Minivan

  13. Tommy Riles says:

    RSVP @tommyriles Awesome…this will be a blast.

  14. Chad says:

    répondez s’il vous plaît

  15. Amy Windsor says:

    So in.
    Genre: Wes Anderson-style
    Title: The Not-So-Royal Windsors

  16. Nicole says:

    Twitter handle: @nicoletankovich
    a movie genre: situation comedy/family comedy/drama about funerals
    a made-up name for the movie about your family: Don’t Forget The Dentures

  17. Tali says:

    Twitter handle: @signs4him
    Movie genera: I’m torn, either: 1) Disney (either classic animation or Pixar style) or Japanese Magical Girl Anime (a la Sailor Moon or Card Captors)
    Title: Peep

    we have called my almost 2 year old son “Little Peep” or “Peep” since before he was born. It turned out to be fitting, since he has a head of feathery blonde hair, like a little chick or duck.

  18. Navdeep says:

    I’ll be there!
    Twitter Handle: @navdeep_dhillon
    Movie Genre: Horror
    Movie Title: “The Sound of Five People in a Car Singing Songs From Frozen. Over and Over.”

  19. Ryan says:

    You’re going to kick off a Twimprov fad, I know it.

    Twitter handle: @jesteram
    movie genre: epic fantasy
    movie title: The Quest for Sleep

  20. Laurie B says:

    Twitter: @boldcaddy
    Movie Genre: Comedy
    My Family movie name: Living the up side of downs ( my son has down syndrome and he sure can make us laugh and smile… quite the little character )

  21. I hope the former SNL star is Joe Piscopo!

  22. Heather McKenzie Carter says:

    RsvP: @11_CrazyCarters
    Genre: Comedy/Horror – depends on the audience
    “Destructive by the Dozen”

    (yes we are expecting… again! #10 is due July 19th!)

  23. rachel says:

    handle: @rmfollow
    genre: romcom
    movie name: Here comes baby!

  24. Michelle M says:

    ‘Mama Lost Her Job’

  25. Brent says:

    Genre: screwball comedy
    Title: Two Men Bringing Up Baby

  26. Matt D. says:

    2 Girls 1 Sippy Cup

  27. Shashank Kadia says:

    I am all game for this. Have started waiting for April 9.

  28. Shashank Kadia says:

    Twitter handle : @shankkadia
    Movie Genre : Comedy
    Movies Name : Stupidity Is Infinite

  29. Cortney says:

    Movie category: Comedy, Drama
    Movie Title: The Catastrophic Advisor

  30. John Davidson says:

    Twitter: @hoopsnut
    Genre: Comedy (former college coach who becomes At Home Dad)
    Title: Assists, Turnovers, and Loose Balls

  31. Suzanne Canfield says:

    Twitter: @PrettyNPoshMom
    Movie Genre: Survival Horror
    Movie Title: 2 Little Monsters Jumping on my Head

  32. Anita Utami says:

    RSVP @OneSleepyMommy

    Genre: Adventure/Survival

    Title: The Sleep Games: Cathcing Naps (instead of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This catching naps games are more fitting for parents, no?)

  33. Amy says:

    Vomit RULES!

  34. Tyler says:


    Genre: HBO Series

    Title(s): Real Sex 43: You Have Two Kids And You’re Never Going To Have Sex Again

    Two Detective: A pair of two year olds try to determine who’s been peeing on the toilet seat, discovering after all that it’s the Yellow King.

    Two Blood: toddlers. Vampires.

    (Dads With) Girls: the entirety of the show is way too hip for any of the dads to understand.

  35. Betty Baez says:

    rsvp @angelgeniusjail
    Genre: comedy
    Mom or Referee?

  36. daniel says:

    I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to participate and when but I’ll do my best.

  37. Nathan says:

    Twitter: @mrandmrsdodds
    Genre: Comedy/Action
    Title: Love and Laughter: The Poopy Cloth Diaper Diaries.

    Thanks and hope I win!

  38. Clarissa says:

    RSVP – @clarissa_xplain
    Movie Genre – family comedy
    Family Movie Name – A Sports Kids Life

  39. Amy S says:

    RSVP @fivemenandalady
    Movie genre: comedy with moments of horror
    Title: Life in a cage match: raising 4 boys!

  40. Rhea @RheaFrawley says:

    RSVP @RheaFrawley


    (Zombies) Quest for Brains

  41. @Happy1Lisa says:

    RSVP@Hap1Lisa Genre-Comedy Movie Title-You found it where?

  42. Christie says:

    RSVP @christielomb
    Fav Genre is comedy
    All of Us

  43. Tiffany Dover says:



    Danger Squad

  44. Phil landsberg says:

    @Phil16723 comedy nucking futz

  45. @DaddysGrounded
    PUJ: Parallel Universe Jump

  46. Oh, man, movies are so me. Count me in to this thing about movies.

  47. BK Mullen says:

    Twitter: @BKM505
    Genre: Comedy
    Title: Adventure Time

  48. Martina F says:

    Twitter: @GREATfulMOMents
    Movie Genre: comedy
    Title: What next? Bring it on!

  49. @DadScribe
    Genre: Historical nautical sci-fi fantasy drama-comedy of manners (think Star Wars meets Hitch Hiker’s Guide meets Lord of the Rings meets Downton Abbey)
    Title: Dolphin Wars

  50. Robert says:

    I’ll be on… @the_scared_dad

  51. Twitter: @DadNCharge
    Genre: Action
    Title: Don’t Call Me Mr.Mom

  52. Jennifer Lemke says:

    movie genre: Documentary
    Movie Name: 5 Cats and a baby.

  53. @jspepper
    Movie Genre: Horror
    Title: The Dead End

    (Yes, there’s a backstory).

  54. @vicvegachi
    Movie Genre: Horror
    Movie Name: Why is it so Quiet in the Kid’s Room?

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  56. Twitter Handle: @rated4andup
    Movie Genre: Comedy
    Family Movie Title: Quit scratching your butt

  57. Jenny Bennett says:

    Twitter – @mrsjbennett

    Genre – comedy

    Move title – things that happen at 4am, silence of the toddler, nap wars and surviving Emma

  58. […] IS IMPORTANT: Head over to to RSVP, and enter to win your part of over $2,500 in prizes. They’re giving out $100 gift […]

  59. Lisa S says:

    I could really use $100…worth of diapers!

  60. Val says:

    Great giveaway. I came here via Mama Knows It All.

  61. Val says:

    And My Twitter handle is @kaicongroup. Still came over here via Mama Knows it All.

  62. Mary says:

    Twitter handle @leyn16
    movie genre: family/comedy
    title: Toys in my heels!

    That moment when you are in a hurry put on your shows in a flash and that “ouuuuuch” moment that makes you forget you were rushing to go any place and you look back and see a little one smiling. Oh, that’s life!

  63. J says:

    Let’s ICK it up.

  64. Twitter: @MommyNaniBooboo
    Genre: Hitchcock
    Title: The Turds

    I live with boys.

  65. nicole lia says:

    Who Farted

  66. Ron says:

    excited for this!

    RSVP @dotdriven

    Genre: comedy
    Title: Daddy and the Chocolate Factory

  67. Nate Smith says:

    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Title: Good Cop,Dad Cop

  68. Rsvp: @chidivaonadime
    Genre: Horror
    Title: The neverending Laundry. sequel: The Neverending dishes.

  69. Kristi says:

    RSVP @tiggerkd26

    Genre: Family Comedies
    Title: Eat your dinner and clean your toys!

  70. @adorablesweetp says:

    RSVP @adorablesweetp
    movie genre: faith based
    Theme: We can do all things

  71. RSVP @going_dad

    Movie genre – Humor
    Theme – Trust no one

  72. RSVP JoeysKangaMooMa
    genre: Comedy
    The 3 engines that could….n’t get off their ass to help mommy.


  73. Phylicia Phillips says:

    RSVP @phyliciasp

    Genre: comedy/survival

    Controlled Chaos.. Or is it?!

  74. RSVP @Supermomindy
    Genre :- romantic
    Bride and prejudice

  75. @Busy2Mommy says:

    Genre:-Action movie/comedy
    Captain America-The Winter Soldier,Muppets-Most wanted

  76. rana durham says:

    Rsvp @ranadurham
    movie genre science fiction
    movie title The Season

  77. angie depue says:

    RSVP @angiedepue

  78. Toni B says:

    rsvp @rychepet
    MUSICAL: Blub Blub Blub, a family, a fish, & a tub

  79. Mary Fagans says:

    RSVP @kittylover1313
    genre: drama
    title: get me the hell outta here!!

  80. Erica C says:

    Chaos In Miami

  81. Sounds cool! @CoopMorrison

  82. Jason says:

    This will be the Twitter party to end all Twitter parties.

  83. @fortyweekslater
    Dirty Diaper Chronicles

  84. Mama Harris says:

    My Flipping Family

  85. I will definitely be taking part. Sounds fantastic! Can’t wait!

  86. Erin Fesperman says:

    Category: Mystery Comedy

    “The Toilet Saga” instead of the “The Twilight Saga”

  87. Anna Pry says:

    rsvp for @dapryz or @pryfamily5 (jail acct)


  88. Erica says:

    “I’m pretty sure I’ve got ringworm on my neck” the story of my life

    movie genre science fiction
    movie title The Season

  90. Emily Eggert says:

    RSVP @eastseattlemama

  91. @peachy_62 says:

    RSVP for @peachy_62

  92. Sherry Bracy says:

    RSVP @sherrybracy Movie Genre: Comedy Movie Title: Never Ending Diaper/Laundry Duty (Instead of the never ending story}

  93. Kristi says:

    RSVP @tiggerkd26

  94. @mommy3sons says:

    RSVP @mommy3sons

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