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How to Be a Dad

3-Year-Old Ninja Caught on Video

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3-Year-Old Ninja Caught on Video

When I was about ten, I created a home-made pair of nunchucks. I sawed a broomstick into two short kid-ninja-sized handles and then, using screws, attached them together with a short chain. After about five minutes of practicing, I was certain that the authentic Japanese word nunchaku must have been defined as “self-inflicted head trauma.” Ten minutes more, I conceded that it my have also meant shin or testicle trauma.

Allegedly this boys is THREE YEARS OLD. I don’t believe it. Not for one ninja second! He can’t be a day under sixty as far as I’m concerned. From my experience, he’d need at least that many decades to get that good. He’s just aged really friggin’ well.

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2 Responses to “3-Year-Old Ninja Caught on Video”

  1. OICJC says:

    Oh god, I have to find a way to delete this from YouTube before my son sees it…

  2. We used to take Taekwondo as a family when I was little-ish, and my dad and brother would totally agree with you. I need to hide this from my husband until after we’re done having kids. Hey, this could be a great way to uh snip it. Cheap and no surgery required. Well, maybe afterwards to remove a testicle from his stomach. I know if he sees a three year old being so bad ass, he’ll have to prove how more bad ass he is. lmao

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