How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

We All Start Out the Same

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BAby Looks Like Gandalf Even Wizards Were Once Babies
How totally exactly like Ian McKellen does this baby look!?!

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

A wonderfully inspirational concept from The Lord of the Rings.

I’ve found a lot of people have a difficult time believing something much bigger of themselves, or some facet, at least. Whether it’s because of past failures, deep-seated insecurity or simply on the basis that it’s “uncool” to call yourself cool, whatever. Sometimes compliments or encouragement can produce smiles that are as doubtful as they are polite.

Maybe believing more of oneself can be approached from another angle, though. Try thinking of anyone, bully or idol, who you’ve ever been awed or intimidated or threatened by, and just remember… they’ve been a baby. They’ve cried. They’ve been cradled, helpless. They’ve drooled. They’ve had wicked diarrhea. All of it.

This isn’t to mentally cut someone down. It’s more like taking them down from an imaginary pedestal or guard tower you may have hoisted them onto in your mind. I dunno. It seems like people would feel taller if they believed they could stand in front of someone who was awesome or fearsome and look them level in the eye. Because they knew that we’ve all tasted dirt, once upon a time.

Remember, even the biggest person started out small.

One teething ring to rule them all, I guess.

* Attention Tolkien nerdlings: I know the wizards of the Lord of the Rings ( Istari ) were created in the form of wizened old men, but Ian McKellen wasn’t, and you’d poop your britches if he walked up to you, so you can get the idea, right?

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Instructional Diagrams
They’re like spells. They don’t work, but they’re good for a laugh.


3 Responses to “We All Start Out the Same”

  1. Riley Romatz says:

    I will fully admit that I would poop my britches if I met Ian McKellen. And then I’d ask him to yell “you shall not pass!” for me out of my car window when someone is trying to pass me on a two lane highway.

    • Andy says:

      I’m afraid if I ever met him all I’d be able to say was, “Oh please say ‘you shall not pass’!” over and over and over. Even after he’d done it.

  2. John E. says:

    I am going to tell my brother-in-law to use this method when talking to girls. “I don’t care how hot she is, she used to poop in her diaper like everybody else, now ask her if she wants to go get some coffee!”

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