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How to Be a Dad

Parenterms: “On Purpaccident”

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Funny Parenting Terms On Purpaccident

Kids do things. Always. Let’s all admit that the mind of a child isn’t a just blank canvas or a field filled with giggling unicorns. It can be a pretty weird place and result in some pretty disastrous things.

At a certain point kids start to get the idea that accountability plays into the some of the things they do. This doesn’t necessarily stop them, though. A lot of them learn the trick that some things they set out to do can be accidents. Sort of like jumping the fence of responsibility, they say they didn’t mean to scare the cat or they weren’t trying to melt the action figure in the toaster oven.

Doing something “on purpaccident” is basically cutting the puzzle pieces of one’s actions so that responsibility and consequences don’t have to fit into the picture. And kids sure do love crafts.

You see, intention is a really flexible or fragile concept depending on how hard you try hold it. It is so because it can have some pretty impressive privacy settings in the confines of anyone’s own mind. So, saying what you meant to do can easily be very different from what was actually intended.

Pssssst. It’s rumored that some kids grow up into adults who continue to do this throughout their lives. But you didn’t hear that from me, m’kay?



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5 Responses to “Parenterms: “On Purpaccident””

  1. Sarah Kolybaba says:

    My daughter Ryley screaming from the bathroom: “Mommmm-eeeeee! Nay-fin jus’ spitted toof-paste ALLLL OVER da baff-room MIRROR an’ it’s DISGUSTIFYING!!!!”

    Haha! “Nay-fin” totally did that on purpaccident and it was truly AMAZING too because it looked like Van Gogh’s Starry Night on my mirror. Kids are crazy talented like that.

  2. Not sure whether to laugh more at the post or the comment. Thank you for the many fun reads everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. SS says:

    I have another for you..

    A few years back one of my twins head her Mother and I talking (heatedly) on a subject. It lasted a good while. We always made certain NEVER to have these “chats” in front of either of the 3 kids. However on this occasion even thought all three were in bed.. I guess it was a bit higher on the decibel meter. When I was heading to bed I checked on my oldest and the twins before I went to bed (as was my practice).
    Upon opening the door to their bedroom I noticed that one twin was still awake. I went over and sat on the edge of the bed to ask if she was OK and if she was awake because of a bad dream.. whereupon she said the following..

    “Daddy..what were you and mommy talking about downstairs?”
    “oh Huni… it’s ok.. mommy and I were having a conversation about stuff to do tomorrow”
    “Daddy… well… it sure sounded like and “argu-sation” to me… ”

    I had to laugh..

    Definition.. Argu-sation
    A low decibel exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one but kept at a low volume. Not to be confused with argument.

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