How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

The Endgames

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Everything adds up to helping people. Helping people and love. All else is a game to get to those two endgames, my sons. Watching you feed Arden for the first time, I don’t even have words for how this feels, Finney my boy.

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6 Responses to “The Endgames”

  1. Huyen says:

    Aww . . . Very sweet and he looks so proud to be helping out.

  2. Emma says:

    that actually just made me choke up… at work… not sure why… I guess you’ve hit on gold =)

  3. Liana W. says:

    Sweet! Makes me wish our two-year old was interested in helping to feed his baby brother. He IS really good at informing us of when the baby is crying, and won’t stop telling us until we acknowledge him (even if we’ve soothed the babe). And trying to stuff the bink in his face, he’s good at that, too.

  4. HenryA says:

    Sent it to my friend with two boys…Also love that Blue Moon Becky boyeee…his ballads are the best!

  5. Larry says:

    There is something in us parents that is over the top when it comes to seeing our children together. It brings us great joy.
    It doesn’t end when they are young. My mom has told me many times of the final words my grandmother told her kids – always be together.

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