How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Dad-miration Week 2013, Day Four: Books, Dummies!

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This year seems to have no shortage of funny, fun and helpful books in the parenting realm.

One book in particular has us sitting up and paying attention. It’s “Raising Digital Families for Dummies” by Amy Lupold-Bair. These days, it’s nearly impossible to live free of devices, computers and phones. How the hell do we apply parenting to technology with our families? Well, I obviously have no idea.

Is that dummy guy looking down her shirt?

Meet Amy Lupold-Bair, founder of Resourceful Mommy Media and full-fledged dad blogger. Amy is uniquely qualified to help in these matters since she is an expert consultant and business owner in the digital space. As a parent and blogger, she has written about both businessy stuffs and parentings on her site.

When I  reached out for comment on her book to ascertain why she thinks we’re all dummies, she had this to say: “People aren’t dummies, Charlie. Just you.” 

She had a point.

Our kids are growing up in an era where smart phones, mammoth screens and internet exposure are all wider than ever. They will never live in an age without these digital tools. But do we know how to keep up with them and how to keep our kids safe?

Here are some of the subjects the book tackles like a linebacker:

    -Covers monitoring software for computers and mobile devices (ARE YOU LISTENING, NSA?)
    -Offers advice for handling cyberbullies and introduces safe social networks for children (A punch to the face of cyberbullies is harder online.)
    -Addresses how to guide children who want to blog or podcast (If our sons start blogging, we’re closing up shop.)
    -Provides information on helpful sites that you may want to explore for more issues on various issues that relate to the future of technology (Our site is not included. Weird.)


We’re doing a live interview with the author using “The Google” right here on the blog with giveaways! And you know how we do with interviews. We don’t believe in normal questions so anything goes.

Live Chat with Amy Lupold Bair!

When: Friday, June 14th, 2013 at 10am-11am PST / 1-2pm EST
Where: Right here, dudes! Come back to this post!
How: Post a question for Amy about keeping your family safe and healthy as technology goes here in the comments. We may read them with credit to you, of course, during the live chat!

So, let’s party!*

*By party, we mean be responsible, knowledgeable parents who make the best decisions possible for our kids by learning about important issues. And eating chocolate.

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5 Responses to “Dad-miration Week 2013, Day Four: Books, Dummies!”

  1. Amy,

    I’ve had several parents caution me about putting pictures of my kid(6 months old) on social media saying that potential predators could somehow use it to identify them as target.

    I feel like they are being over protective, but maybe I’m just a naive dad who is way to in to people liking photos of my kid on facebook.


  2. Jacob says:

    Do you know how well these Belkin wireless routers work to filter what gets through? I was going to buy one, they use Norton software and you can select what degree of parental control.

    Ultimately, I worry whether software on a computer will be sufficient (kids are too savvy these days). That is why I am looking at firewall routers with parental controls.

  3. Bill M says:

    With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat becoming so much a part of everyone’s lives, how do you keep your kids safe? I know Facebook has a minimum age, but honestly, the kids can type in a different year of birth so they can join.

    I don’t have a problem with them being online and in social media so much, but how can you monitor their activity without stifling them and becoming a helicopter parent?

  4. Jo says:

    You had me at ‘eating chocolate’… 😉

  5. Lawler's_Law says:

    How do you get your 3-5 yr olds to play more educational games vs just entertainment games?

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