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How to Be a Dad

Gummy Bears Have Hearts… and Spleens. And Kidneys?

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People haven’t been listening. The Gummy Bear population is close to moving from classification as a yummy species to an endangered one. They are being wiped out. Eaten into extinction.

Gummy bears have hearts, too. And all the other parts. And organs. And veins. And, yeah… okay kinda gross. Is the room starting to spin? Starting to feel a little ill over here. Ehem! Anyways…

See for yourself.

Anatomy of a Gummy Bear Funny Medical Chart


Save the Gummy Bears
We’ve been doing our part to protect this majestic gelatinous animal with our “Imagine a world without Gummy Bears” campaign.

Credit for this amazing and weird art goes to the
utterly brilliant Jason Freeny.

So you see now. These are real-life living beings. With feelings and families and reproductive systems… and digestive systems. Okay now I’m sure the room is spinning! Right!?! (Shake it off shake it off! Phew!)

You see, we had to do this. Some people just don’t get it. Even animal rights activists and candy aficionados have looked at us strangely. We had to gross you out in order to next-level our efforts to save these cute brightly-colored defenseless creatures.

Remember #24 and #28 the next time you’re about to pop one in your mouth and jaw away at it. Stop. Lower your hand and set it free. To live another day and frolic with its few remaining friends.

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2 Responses to “Gummy Bears Have Hearts… and Spleens. And Kidneys?”

  1. Andy your comical creative genius NEVER ceases to AMAZE ME! This is hilarious! As usual you have me in stitches!
    May you always use your talent for good and not evil…..oh wait, too late for that. ㋡


    Your oh so loyal Mommy Blogger fan,

    ❀Tonia L. Clark of❀

    • Andy says:

      I would blush, but I didn’t make this insanely amazing piece. Thanks though, I’m glad I’ve made you laugh. Good laughs, not evil ones. 😉

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