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How to Be a Dad

My Kid Just Said… #2

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“I feel so relaxed. Like I just peed. <sigh>” [everyone laughs] “What? It makes you feel relaxed!!!”
(2010, 10 years old)

Last week we posted the first in the “My Kid Just Said…” series. The quotes that our readers commented in with (from THEIR kids) were so hilarious and amazing for us to read, we’ve thunked ourselves a thought: what if we created a community where people could go and post their own kids’ amazing quotes? Aaaaaaand we didn’t know the answer, so we figured we’d just create the Facebook Page for a My Kid Just Said community and see what happened.

So, what did your kid say?

Share it on the page, so your friends, family and lots of perfect strangers can all “awww” together or piss themselves laughing. You don’t have to Like the page, it’s all open, it’s for everyone and all just for fun.

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13 Responses to “My Kid Just Said… #2”

  1. My kid is currently obsessed with farts. And who can blame her? Farts are funny. She now loves to announce – loudly – when she or anyone else around her has passed gas. Which can either come in handy or be terribly embarrassing. 😉 And, in case one was not aware, she will also tell you, “Farts are stinky.”

    Happy Friday the 13th!

    • andy says:

      I like your kid, I never stopped being obsessed with farts. Ha ha ha ha ha! (There may have even been a fart between two of those “ha’s”)

  2. Julie says:

    at a random police checkpoint the officer asks if i had consumed any alcohol. my 3 year old son hollers to the front “what’s alcohol!?” and without missing a beat my 5 year old proudly explains “You know Noah, it’s all those beers she drinks” Think my face was red? Especially since my son has seen me drink a total of 2 beer in his entire life!

  3. Andrew says:

    Me: “Tickle Monster is going to get you!”
    2 year old daughter: “I don’t like Tickle Monster, he is rude..he needs to know RESPECT!”

  4. Stephanie K. says:


  5. Chris says:

    My two year old was being different animals and I kept asking what she was now. She would reply a bear or a lion or a dragon. Through all this my four year old was very quite and still so I turned to her and asked what she was being and she said “I’m a potato.” I had never been more shocked!

  6. CatZilla says:

    I would like to point out that peeing IS very relaxing…

  7. Gerry says:

    He’s 11 now, but when my son was about three he came up to me looking very serious and with a very earnest tone in his voice, said, “Daddy, I was just thinking about ‘ring around the rosey’…. what’s a pocket full of posies?”

    • andy says:

      Ha ha! Uuuuuumyeah. The Black Plague is hard to explain to a kid. Though Wikipedia indicates that this song may actually not have been about the epidemic.

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