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How to Be a Dad

Homemade Birthday Cards 2005: Dash from The Incredibles and Metroid’s Samus

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Max's 5th Birthday CardMax’s 5th custom Birthday card: Dash from the Pixar film, The Incredibles.

When I first presented this card to Max on his 5th Birthday, it was the first bad reaction from the boys about any of their cards. He was obviously weirded out by it but tried to put on a twitchy artificial smile; he knew how much time I spent on the things. Those widened eyes told the true story, though. I tried to keep my disappointment, the feeling that I’d failed, to myself and assured him that next year’s would be better.

Max Herald Five Years OldMax Herald, five years of awesome.

This year, 2012, while rummaging through some old boxes, a now 12-year-old Max found his old Birthday cards and announced the discovery to me as he walked up holding one. He held it to his chest so I couldn’t see it, and he asked me to guess which one his favorite was. Smiling, I gave him an “I give up” look. He flipped it around and it was him as Dash. I frowned. “I thought that was your least favorite!” He looked down at it and was thoughtful as he said, “No. It was just so strange back then, to see myself like this, but now I see it’s the most unique.” Or some such words that reached into my chest and squeezed my heart. Hugs were had.


Cody's Seventh Birthday Card Samus MetroidCody’s seventh Birthday card: Samus from the video game Metroid.
Cody Herald Seven Years OldCody Herald, seven years of radness.

When I was prompting Cody for ideas for his Birthday card, there was no hesitation from him. Only one answer. Samus. The character from the popular video game Metroid. It was kind of cool for me because it was a game I played that was huge when I was a teen gamer, and my 8-year-old son was now into its present version. Hardcore.

The big “He’s a she!” reveal at the end of the game.

It had to be Samus. I asked him if knew that Samus, under all the mech armor, was a girl. He said, “Yeah.” and shook his like that made any difference. Samus was RAD. He went on to explain that the suit was the suit, and it would be him in it. I couldn’t argue with logic like that.

The Previous Cards Spider-man and Doc Ock, the ghost twins from The Matrix Reloaded, Star Wars and Cody’s first birthday cards.

Instructional Diagrams See what else I can do in Photoshop.


10 Responses to “Homemade Birthday Cards 2005: Dash from The Incredibles and Metroid’s Samus”

  1. Liza Hippler says:

    Kids are awesome – even when we think they’re being lame.

  2. These are incredible Andy! They totally kick the ass of any card Hallmark could ever possibly come up with. This is the sort of stuff that kids remember and brag about for the rest of their lives. Seriously, Dad of the Year award for this tradition.

  3. Heather B says:

    Wow – way to tug at the heartstrings, Max! And those cards are awesome, Andy. I found something else awesome today on another of my fave blogs;

    So way to go, you’ve made me laugh and cry today. Very well rounded 🙂

  4. Desiree says:

    Nice to see you sharing your genius with the world, Andy.

  5. Coco Cana says:

    I love the love you have pouring out for your kids in this post. It’s very heartwarming.

    On that note, it’s super lame and jerkstore-ish of you and your creative abilities for making us all look bad with our store bought birthday cards though – or handmade ones with stick figures and smiley faces.

    So, you suck for that.

  6. Laurie says:

    Amazing!! Your kiddos are lucky to have a super talented dad!!

  7. Jess says:

    Andy….hands down you are definitely rocking the “BEST DAD EVER” award EVERY year. 🙂

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