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How to Be a Dad

Fatherhood Friday: Branden Campbell of Neon Trees

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Hey Kids,

So, we’re starting a new thing here at “How To Be A Dad” and it’s a total experiment. Last week, we interviewed a notable father, Ron Fugelseth, on our Facebook page. You can catch that here!

Today from 2-3pm PST, we have our next guest…

Branden Campbell Neon Trees

Branden Campbell, bassist for Neon Trees!

We’ll be asking Branden the tough questions, as usual with our interviews, while he’s on a small break from touring. Maybe they’ll be about growing up in Las Vegas, his charity work bringing greater awareness about autism or whether he farts in front of his two kids.


If you can’t join us, go ahead and follow him on Twitter here: @neonBMC

Here’s another little thing Branden did for his son’s preschool… Right on.


Charlie & Andy


3 Responses to “Fatherhood Friday: Branden Campbell of Neon Trees”

  1. Drea says:

    This is incredibly cool! Thanks guys!

  2. Gypsie says:

    omg! so cool! i love that band. can’t wait to check out the interview!!

  3. Avara says:

    This is so great! I got emotional watching the news clip. What an amazing thing for Branden and the Neon Trees to do! The world is full of loving fathers.
    And by the way, I got to see Neon Trees in concert and they totally rock!

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