How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Turning the Tables on Family Dinner

Posted by on October 11th, 2012, under NOTEBOOK

Charlie making an Annie's

So, I’m an okay cook but by Friday night, my whole family are a bunch of zombie meatsacks.

I decided to write about how to remove the stress out of family dinners by week’s end because I know so many families are dealing with the same problem.

I wrote about it for Annie’s Homegrown, a brand we rock at home (don’t even get me started on their Cheddar Bunnies) and for the record, their rising crust pizza’s are ACTUALLY good, I daresay delicious.

And I hate those kind of pizzas.

Anyway, please go check out my post here and if you get a chance, drop a comment on their faces. Maybe they’ll hire us again!

PS: They gave me a pizza. I f*cking love pizza. You should like them on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Disclosure: This post was written under the influence of organic pizza. We aren’t liable for you eating Annie’s pizzas. Annie’s paid us to write a little something on their site but I ate the pizza. They didn’t. I did. All the opinions expressed here are my own. Unless I am zombie. Then they are a zombie’s. I did not get PAID for this even though I am broke.


7 Responses to “Turning the Tables on Family Dinner”

  1. Jen says:

    You guys can come up to SF and I will make you dinner on Friday. Friday is my best day. However, M-Thursday I just throw together whatever, so I’m glad Annie’s is making pizzas and I will check em out.

  2. Ryan says:

    Ok, we must have some weird ESPN thing going on here.
    Our latest post was about why Friday nights are for drinking beer and eating pizza!
    Happy Weekend- Ryan

  3. WeirdFish says:

    I make my own. I may change my tune in a couple of years when the boy is ambulatory, but for now, I can plop him in his bouncy seat while he watches me work the dough.

    It’s mostly passive time spent, since the KitchenAid does the bulk of the mixing and pre-kneading, and the rest of the time is waiting for the dough to rise.

    My wife & I will cherish this time, because I will admit that I may not have the time/energy/patience to do this in the future (and yeast can tell when you’re mad; Angry Pizza is not a good pizza — kinda’ like that emotion-sensing ooze in Ghostbusters 2)

  4. Hannah says:

    We love Annie’s stuff at our house. :~)

  5. Re. Friday dinners: getting drunk helps. Then just chuck a peanut butter sandwich at the kids, skip dinner, and rock out to 80s party tunes with the whole family.

    Or maybe that’s just at my house. Sorry.

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