How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Bad Product Idea #11: The Boob Hat


Bad Product Idea #11 The Boob Hat

Babies and toddlers have lots to do, all the time. Even when they have nothing to do, they’ll be busy doing something. But feeding can be suuuuuch an annoyance.

Babies shouldn’t be required to put down the blocks every single chow time, wrapping themselves around Mommy’s midsection to suckle, or impersonating a sack of potatoes in someone’s arms for feeding. Or even having to carry the obscene weight of those clunky bottles themselves!

We’ve come up with a solution for those little ones that are fed up with the interruptions of being fed: The Boob Hat.

Inspired by the beauty of a mother’s breast, and by the function of a beer hat and other wearable drinking vessels, the Boob Hat frees a baby from this pesky disruption to their lifestyles.

Just ask any baby or toddler what could be better than having both hands free for fun and frolic while they’re feeding. Okay, sure. Maybe they can’t really answer you yet, or if they can it’s something about unicorns or trains. Whatever. You get the idea.

So! Prove to your baby that you really do love them by buying them something! Grab your own Boob Hat today!

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26 Responses to “Bad Product Idea #11: The Boob Hat”

  1. I almost wet myself laughing at this. The kids face is a picture. Do they do them in man size? I know quite a few fellas who are complete tits! This would suit them down to the ground.

    • Andy says:

      Thanks! Ha ha ha ha ha! I love it. I have a couple of friends who are Brits who use the word tit all the time like I would idiot or a##hole. Internet points to you, good sir.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for keeping us all abreast of these titillating new product developments. Hopefully this will sell well and not be a bust. I support your efforts in getting this product to market under the wire, even being strapped for cash. We’re certainly hooked by the idea, and can clasp our brains around the usefulness of this product. Hope you can milk it for all its worth, not look over your shoulder, and enjoy the lift that such a cash windfall will surely bring you. OK, I stop now.

    Great stuff as always! Thanks for brightening our mornings.

  3. Drea says:

    This would make my life SO much easier too! My little one likes to look around while trying to nurse. It’s getting messy and exasperating!

    • Christina says:

      You know that whole “How old is too old” question for breastfeeding?

      I learned the answer the other day. My 8 month old pulled off, looked around, looked at the nipple, pinched it and sprayed my face with milk. Then she laughed.

  4. Manda says:

    I need one of these. a nursing newborn with thrush plus a toddler and preschooler to care for. You get the idea. I ended up cooking supper topless the other night. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make tacos one-handed?!

    • Andy says:

      I can safely say that I have no idea how to make tacos with one hand. You’re a ninja.

    • Krysta says:

      I have that same issue.. My solution.. Ring sling. She nurses, I have both hands free. I use a Mai Tai when cooking so she is on my back, happy and falls asleep, I have two hands and don’t have to worry about getting something on her. Babywearing is my sanity saver.

  5. Chelsey says:

    I think this would look good on my husband.

  6. Laurie says:

    Creative dude you are, My husband is a graphic/web designer, always always always creating something..But I have never seen him do anything like this..I kind of feel like that is a good thing!

  7. Erich says:

    I don’t see how this is a bad idea, guys.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Sharing!!!! Maybe this will be more acceptable in public view than actually putting a baby to breast….LOL. 😉

  9. Brandi says:

    Surprised no one asked…

    where is the milk coming from?

  10. Brandi says:

    Ah, I see it now.

  11. This is as good as Spanx for babies and toupees for babies. I love it!

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