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My Kid Just Said… #6

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[Lucas (3yo) looking at a picture of himself] “Da’s Wucas!”
Me: “No, you’re supposed to say ‘that’s me.'”
[long pause accompanied by scrunchy nose of disapproval] “No, Daddy! It not yooOooOooOU! It WUCAS!” -Lucas


Lucas and his dadDad, you sound like you think you know what you’re talking about, but I do not think that you do.

I think my son is first rate, but I still wince a little on the inside when he refers to himself in the third person. Oh, I admit, I’m laughing hysterically on the outside, but what’s inside is dreaded thoughts of a male super model saying things like, “Fabio likes it when Fabio gets time to brush Fabio’s own hair for hours.” Creepy much? Yes, lots! But it’s cute when my son does it. Still… I start to imagine him sixteen and telling me, “Dad! The kids at school keep making fun of Lucas. Lemme tell ya, Lucas has about had it up to here with it!” Suddenly creeeeeepy again. But cute for now, while it lasts.


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30 Responses to “My Kid Just Said… #6”

  1. Polaris says:

    And the right answer there is “Yes, it’s you”, with a mandatory pat on the head…

    • Andy says:

      That’s what I say. But it becomes the cutest game to get him to say it. I’ll say, not directing any attention to the picture, “Say ‘It’s me'” and he’ll say that. Then I’ll point to the picture and say “Who’s that?” and of course: “WUCAS!” When I’m done laughing I’ll say, pointing to the picture, “Say ‘It’s me’.” and he’ll scrunch up his nose again and say, “It not. It not you, Daddy. It Wucas!” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’ll never get old.

  2. Paige says:

    My daughter is 2.5 and if I spell out her name she says “that spells ME!”

  3. Meagan says:

    You mean you wince when he refers to himself in 3rd person, not 1st. Feel free to delete this comment.

  4. Christina says:

    My best friend nannies for a kid that went through a phase of narrating his life. It was absolutely hilarious.

    I love the 3rd person references to self from my adorable 3 year old. I know he’ll grow out of it. I VASTLY prefer “Ethan’s game” over “My game”, anyway…lol.

    For now, I wince when he says a phrase like its a word – instead of “Carry me, please”, its “Carryou, please.” Or “Helpyou! Helpyou!”

    • Christina says:

      Oh and…not knowing if you are an avatar fan…

      “The Boulder is feeling conflicted about beating a blind, little girl…”

    • Andy says:

      I love it. Lucas does the same, mixing me and you up, and so did Max. I’d cringe too for sure, but it’s so cute regardless.

  5. buffi says:

    My youngest son’s (he’s nine now) name is Lucas also. When he was little he said his Ls as Ys. So, he would call himself Youcas. So stinkin cute! I miss that!

  6. Pedro says:

    I’m with you Andy. It’s creepy, but it only lasts like… 2 months. And then it goes away and you miss it πŸ™‚

  7. MotherDuck says:

    Wucas is cute. In all his persons.

  8. Sanstrousers says:

    “Wucas demands apple juice and graham crackers! Be quick about it, or Wucas will make you pay!”

  9. K-chan says:

    Oh gosh. Sometimes I think my kids will never actually “be” themselves. They are always pretending to be something/someone else (and changing their minds every 10 minutes). So we have third person conversations with the character *au courrant* layered on.

    Like “Red giraffe wants some water please”. “Ok here you are Oscar.” “No, mommy, I’m red giraffe.”

    Or like “I’m going to be an orca whale for the rest of my life.” 5 minutes later – “Mommy guess what animal I am? I’m a draaaaagon. And the dragon needs to go pee now.”


  10. Lacey S says:

    Yesterday I heard my 17 month old quietly trying out his name “Bwuce”… I’m sure we’re going to be living this within the year πŸ˜€ (Either that, or because I always correct him with “Bruce, that’s NOT how we play with that” he thinks it means “No”…. since no is one of the words he hasn’t picked up yet…..)

    • Andy says:

      Oh wow! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Have you ever slipped up and used Bruce as No? Like a really brain-dead moment where you weren’t paying attention and answer “Bruce I don’t want to go right now.” or something?

  11. Crystalyn says:

    For a long time my daughter thought her name was “you” because we looked at a picture of her and said “Oh look, it’s you!” Anytime she saw a picture of us all, she’d say “Is Mommy, and Daddy, and you!” My husband had a good laugh trying to teach her about the correct usage of “me” and “you”.

    • Andy says:

      YEEEESSSS!!! We had this for about a week with Lucas. We were worried it would stick, but it went away fast… only to be replaced with him referring to himself by his name. Ha ha!

  12. Karen says:

    My oldest was apraxic (no speech) until he was close to four. He tried to speak, could not say his first chosen word, “tongue” so he quit. (He is also very high functioning Autistic). However he was very observant – goes along with his level of Autism. At preschool, they were talking about what parents did for work. Connor, or THE BOY as he is called on my blog, stood up and FINALLY spoke.

    “Daddy makes babies for a living and I get to watch!”

    Yeah, phone call to Mom… My husband supervises the various labs associated with infertility medicine. If there were no patients, he would bring the boy to work and then they would go out for breakfast on the weekends…

    Now the kids are informed to only state that Dad supervises a lab. The Boy is almost 14 and for the longest time felt babies came from a petri dish.

    • Andy says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I can almost feel the heart skipping a beat from anyone within earshot of β€œDaddy makes babies for a living and I get to watch!” Priceless.

  13. Lynette says:

    I have twins. That are so used to talking in the 3rd person cause every time I ask if they want honey or jelly on their sandwich, I get a very vague ‘me’, or ‘I do’. Then I have to ask, ‘Who’? I’ve essentially trained them to say, ‘Archie wants … Please’. Cracks strangers up, but it’s extremely useful.

  14. Wait, who’s on first?

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