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How to Be a Dad


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Breastfeeding...Photo by: Daughter of the Sun

Um, so… We don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but we’re pretty sure it involves breastfeeding. And that it’s all natural. Maybe too natural? Or something. Sorry, I was looking at the photo again. Um…

Anyway, we didn’t put a punchline or caption specifically so you could come up with something WAY funnier than ours would be. Consider yourself invited to our:


Just post a comment using this format: “Breastfeeding… [ YOUR PUNCHLINE HERE ]”
Share this with your friends so they can join in… Sorry. Hypnotized by the photo again. Whoa.


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We can’t breastfeed upside down, but we would if we could.


595 Responses to “Breastfeeding…”

  1. Mel says:

    Nom Nom Nom

  2. Rorimandi says:

    Because upside down milk tastes better.

  3. George had great fun blowing up his life sized blow up Mum!

  4. Neil says:

    …keeping moms up since the beginning of time.

  5. Breastfeeding….drinking upside down cures hiccups!

  6. Linn says:

    Breastfeeding version 2.0 for the advanced mothers – burn off that babyweight while breastfeeding!

  7. Chris Rigoni says:

    Breastfeeding…because you’re a responsible adult and can’t do kegstands anymore.

  8. J.D. Bruewer says:

    Breastfeeding – Maybe if I tap on the side I can get those last few drops out.

  9. J.D. Bruewer says:

    OK, I’ve turned it upside down, now what do I do to get those last few drops out?

  10. Candisse says:

    Breastfeeding- making it creepy that your child is doing the same thing your spouse did just to get you started.

  11. Isaac says:

    And now class this position is called the boob tree. Stand on your head and place your infant with clear access to feed. Yoga-feeding! It’s all the rage in Finland.

  12. Monica says:

    Breastfeeding…. Cuz delivering it upside down must make it taste like a DQ Blizzard.

    This is a HUGE FAIL cuz why the heck is she naked?!?!? Not Necessary!

    • Nick says:

      Surely it’d be dangerous to breastfed while headstanding with clothes on.

      • Laura says:

        Exactly! Lol. She couldn’t very well do it with clothes on, they’d be all hanging and obstructing the boob availability and such. 😉

        • Emily says:

          I’m pretty sure some pants would not have gotten in her pants maybe?

          • Miika says:

            She’s in a certain part of Hawaii where clothing is optional, and for good reason… the weather is extremely humid, so it gets mildly uncomfortable. If it was permitted, I’d walk around with nothing on too. Clothes are so restricting….

    • Kate says:

      And I think the point is how natural and basic breast feeding is. I think it’s a beautiful picture

  13. Melanie says:

    Breastfeeding…is it coming out now??

  14. Pam says:

    I remember breast feeding in that exact position. There is the football hold…and the hmmm that picture is too dang distracting….I remember once when my little one was 1 and came up when I had one hand balancing a bowl of ice cream and the other balancing me on the floor and he came up and yanked my shirt down and helped himself…We even got a pic and I have no idea how we had the camera ready! Hilarious caveman moment. there is no sane esplanation for that pic!

  15. Lizzie says:

    Love it! An odd photo but I love it!

  16. Lara K says:

    Breastfeeding… there’s no wrong way to do it.

  17. Manda says:

    “I can breastfeed naked, no hands, eyes closed while standing on my head! Beat that, Nestle!”

    Actually I can’t. I couldn’t BF clothed while sitting in a recliner and using a nipple shield. I don’t really “get” this photo. LOL

  18. Breastfeeding Mothers Agree says:

    Only a dad would consider this picture worth captioning. ~ Not a caption

  19. CobyLyn says:

    “Breastfeeding… Wendy’s milkshakes brings all the kids to the yard”

  20. imestar says:

    breasthandfeed…the lastdrops!

  21. Soldi says:

    Breastfeeding… when you just feel like showing off.

    If I could do a headstand, if I was lean like that woman, and if my baby wouldn’t push me over- I’d totally do that.

    • Jennifer W says:

      “Soldi says:
      December 8, 2011 at 10:59 am
      ‘Breastfeeding… when you just feel like showing off.'”

      HA! You have my vote.

  22. Jennifer Harmon says:

    I keep having “Keg Stand” popping up in my head…..just a lot different 😉

  23. Loki Stahlherz says:

    Good to the last drop

  24. La Leche League: Extreme Edition

  25. David says:

    It’s a new Yoga position all of the Top Celebrity moms are doing it. Downward facing boob.

  26. Brought to you by the Cirque du Soleil Leche League.

  27. David says:

    Anybody want a cookie?

  28. Rusted Sun says:

    When breast feeding alone isn’t enough to make you feel like the superior parent…

    Is it just me or does she look like she has a beard?

  29. Megan says:

    …how they do it Down Under

  30. Erika says:

    Breastfeeding…should be an olympic sport.

    So should pole dancing.

    Now show me a pic with those combined & I will be impressed 😉

  31. Baby’s First Keg Stand

    (Sorry for the multiple entries… this just got my creative juices flowing. <–Not part of the caption.)

  32. Jakob wright says:

    Good to the last drop!

  33. Zia says:

    Mothers. The ultimate multitaskers.

  34. adam dolgin says:

    Breastfeeding…Turning Mom’s world upside down since 1974.

    Breastfeeding…Still Makes sense in an upside down world.

    Breastfeeding… The Ultimate Balancing act.

  35. Michael says:

    Breastfeeding…You’re doing it quite well, actually.

  36. chris says:

    The force is strong in you young skywalker

  37. Michael Gray says:

    Breastfeeding…good to the last drop.

    or haven’t done it right unless you’ve done it naked in a field of mint.

  38. Texasmom says:

    Good thing the cream floats to the top!

  39. Meg says:

    Miraculous food can come out miraculous ways!

  40. JoshB says:

    “ask mom why she’s staring at my junk….”

  41. Deb says:

    Breastfeeding… so easy, you can do it standing on your head!

  42. Breastfeeding…….look Ma, no sagging!

  43. MeebsMom says:

    Extreme Breastfeeding: Reaching Vertical Limit

  44. renee says:

    “new mom walks out of bathroom, engorged and body sliced from C-Section…milk goes off like a sprinkler system gone awry…and says” “now show me what you got!”

  45. “Mom, you’re taking this planking thing whaaaaay too far”

  46. (Coming to a theater near you!)

    Breastfeeding : Secrets of the Garden Gnomes

  47. William says:

    Breastfeeding… It Just goes down easier this way..

  48. Drew says:

    Because everyone knows breastmilk is best served straight up.

  49. JC says:

    Now honey… Whatever you do- don’t try this with daddy while he is in downward dog!

  50. Michael W. says:

    Mom, you’re making this wayyy harder than it needs to be.

  51. MotherDuck says:

    “Grass is always greener on the other side?”

    Forget it, these are all freakin’ brilliant and I just wanted an excuse to say so.

  52. Next up on HGTV: How to grow your own breastmilk!

  53. Next up is Denmark’s entry in the synchronized breast feeding world cup, with an inverted triple lindy breast feed in a two and a half pike. Degree of difficulty 3.3

    OH MY… the leg extension is just perfect, and not a drop splashed.
    The German judge is giving them a 10. The crowd is going wild. It’s pandemonium.

  54. Joe says:

    Breastfeeding – Pairing Yoga with Ergonomics !

  55. Christina says:

    As to the nature of this photo, I think its a nudist colony where the mom was doing yoga and her kid just came up and took the boob. Picture worthy if he did it on his own lol.

    As to a caption?
    Breastfeeding – How to prevent sagging boobs.

  56. Ruthie says:

    Milk Stand

  57. Dave says:

    Gravity Bong!!

  58. Matt says:

    Breastfeeding: LIKE A BOSS

    –and it works for both! LOL!

  59. saveby says:

    Advantages: Anytime, Anywhere

  60. Patti says:

    All excellent captions. My son is 17 and the evil mommy in my head wants to highjack this, tell him its us, and… oh yeah, that would probably either sear his retinas or send him racing to the crack dealer. Although, unfortunately, he has my sense of humor, so he’d probably reply with something along the lines of, “Well, judging from the effects of gravity on your, um, chest, I guess you didn’t do enough yoga, Mom.”

  61. Christina says:

    No matter which way you look at it, it’s best for baby.

  62. Breastmilk is part of a well-balanced breakfast.

  63. Cat says:

    Breastfeeding…As if it wasn’t hard enough…

  64. Austin says:

    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

  65. Desiree says:

    Did anyone notice the tree in the background? Me Neither.

  66. jv says:

    Bartender: Need a mug?
    Baby: Nah…I like it straight from the tap.

  67. jv says:

    The National Association of Head-Standers needs your help today. Random feeding babies is a serious cause for concern. Won’t you donate today? No amount is to small when it comes to stopping this injustice.

  68. Doug says:

    From modern science: Gravity-boosted feeding station

  69. Tom says:

    Harvey! You couldn’t watch him for five minutes while I finished my yoga?

  70. JIll says:

    How to shotgun milk

  71. Tara says:

    Breastfeeding- The “uplifting” hold, letting gravity keep those babies nice and high and firm!

  72. Maxwell says:

    Its so good…..when it hits the lips……

  73. Michelle says:

    I will never get the 3 seconds of viewing this back. Thankyouverymuch.

  74. Mike says:

    Breastfeeding – not just for indoors.

  75. Wow… its been fun reading these comments. Had no idea this simple little photo from my blog would end up viral. This is the first site I am commenting on as i love what everyone has to share here. I live on a small community in Hawaii where our land is clothing optional and yoga is a necessity! I was just doin’ my daily flow when the little sweet pea came to sneak a suckle. Papa had her out in the grass with him and she just couldn’t resist! This happens all the time by the way. When a breast is out and babies around, they are going to try and get it anyway they can.
    Its amazing how many different realities we live in. This is just a part of our everyday life. Living simply, in our hearts and free surrounded by the beauty of nature! Aloha!

  76. Orien says:

    See I told you there was more in there !!!

  77. Drewsky says:

    Try THIS Latch on for size

  78. Jenna says:

    Breastfeeding: Turning public opinion on its head.

  79. Matt says:

    Good to the last drop.

  80. christian says:

    Golf, golf, golf.

  81. Heather says:


    Yeah, it’s that important.

  82. Tristan says:

    Breastfeeding…for REAL moms. It’s organic, natural, naked and upside-down. Side effects might include: dizziness, headache, hallucinations and body aches. Also, some children might develop weird fetishes.

  83. Monica says:


    ˙ʇɥƃıɹ ʇı ƃuıop ǝɹ,noʎ

  84. christopher says:

    Breastfeeding…Talk a walk on the wild side.


    just watch out for upside-down booby-traps

  85. Kelly says:

    Breastfeeding… Bottoms up!

  86. Patrick says:

    Mmmmm, good to the last drop!!

  87. Paul says:

    Breastfeeding… Australian Style!

  88. matt says:

    Breastfeeding… Your doing it right.

  89. Talia morales says:

    Baby Bar: where breast milk is Always on tap 🙂

  90. luz says:

    Bottoms up!

  91. Heather says:

    Who says breastfeeding => sagging?

  92. Dad Versus says:

    That grass is so green

  93. Patrick says:

    “This milk tastes awkward.”

  94. Cow says:

    Breastfeeding…eat mor boobees.

  95. David Huse says:

    Breastfeeding…it will turn your world upside down

  96. Deanert says:

    got milk? 😉

  97. Twoey says:

    This position is optimal for getting out all the good stuff first.

  98. danielle says:

    “My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard”

  99. Melissa says:

    Breastfeeding.. the breakfast of champions!

    I’m OBSESSED with this picture!

  100. JK says:


  101. Trine says:

    Breastfeeding… you’ll go head over heels for it!

  102. Fryda says:

    Upside down flows better!

  103. Lesley says:

    …three’s a crowd!

  104. Pavneet says:

    how to get an ant bite?

  105. Saad says:

    Hydrostatic pressure = density of the fluid x gravitational acceleration x HEIGHT OF THE FLUID COLUMN

    An efficient mother.

  106. Breastfeeding, anywere, any time.

  107. MrJoeBoo says:

    Good ’til the last drop!

  108. Tim Ruffner says:

    Okay, enough with the right one, the left one needs some lovin’ too.

  109. helena says:

    Difficult to get abreast these days!

  110. edwin says:


  111. Tara says:

    Breastfeeding…good to the last drop!

  112. Joe says:

    Breastfeeding… Shaken, not stirred

  113. Joe says:

    Breastfeeding… When you want to get every drop.

  114. st4rbux says:

    Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

  115. Terry says:

    “Breastfeeding… Eve really had nothing to go on.”

  116. Cleofus T. Bonewright III says:

    Uhm, Mom… Maybe, we can do Bhujangasana next…

  117. asif khan says:


  118. ___-_jawahar_-___ says:


  119. anon says:

    Feeding Yoga ! da best way to lose your sanity

  120. Shagun says:

    Breastfeeding, Doing it the right way is tougher than you think.

  121. FICO says:

    Even if world goes upside-down – there’s milk

  122. Jacquie says:


  123. DD says:

    Breatfeeding (I’d heard of upside down cake but upside down milkshake?)

  124. Drew says:

    Kiera suddenly realized that maybe she HAD taken her new yoga addiction too far…

  125. Scott says:

    Breastfeeding…you can suckle on the teet while on your head and not your feet.

  126. LRG says:

    This is a picture of Mitt Romney at 11 months having breakfast. He clearly could have afforded larger, fuller breasts, but he is a modest, religious man.

  127. Ben says:

    Good To The Last Drop!

  128. Ktphezz says:

    ‘legs up! You’re under a-breast.

  129. nathan says:

    breastfeeding.. a lot easier with your head in a field full of ganja.

  130. Jaye says:

    BREASTFEEDING…You’re doing it wrong. (But, really, nobody minds. I mean that.)

  131. Jaye says:

    (Ever since I saw this, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me if my baby is bottle or breastfed, so that I can look at them knowingly and, say, “She’s GRAVITY fed.”)

  132. Desifix says:

    Acrobatic MOM! & her talented Brood!!!

  133. kyla says:

    Milk stand $2.00 for a nice wARm drink of boobie milk

  134. yoe says:

    breasfeeding.. with mother as the milky way

  135. Tana says:

    Breastfeeding…maybe the hippies are right!

  136. mike says:

    He’s not breastfeeding he’s providing counter balance.

  137. tim says:

    Breastfeeding…nothin’ like a milk-chakra to soothe the soul

  138. zora says:

    ~what do you call the practice of hitting a hole into a beer can, putting your mouth on that hole and then opening the bottle of the can? that’s what i am thinking of.

    • Andy says:

      It’s called “shot-gunning” and to be honest, I’m surprised it hasn’t been a popular caption commented in. And I’m not even a beer drinker or frat-guy.

      • zora says:

        me neither… in germany i seem to remember it having some family name, like jones or sth. so this would be “bringing up little Jones”. but this joke is now talked to death. 🙁

  139. alex haywood says:

    Breastfeeding-why aussy momms have trouble breastfeeding a baby born in England.

  140. Cindy says:

    Breastfeeding feral babies…and you thought the squirrels at the park were bad!

  141. Cindy says:

    …..when you’re just too cool for the cradle hold…

    ..because all parents should teach their children to be resourceful early in life..

  142. Wanda says:

    Bottles are emptied easier when they are turned upside down, who would have thought that mum do that too. ^^

  143. Melanie says:

    Breastfeeding… making momma’s boys one boob at a time!

  144. Melanie says:

    I think it should be captioned Multitasking instead. 😛

  145. Susan G says:

    Breastfeeding – explore the possibilities!

    Breastfeeding – whatever works for you!

  146. Erica says:

    Breastfeeding, it makes standing on your head seem easy.

  147. Aaron Kay says:

    P90X’s Breast Feeding X

  148. Lana says:

    Finally a way to breastfeed that won’t make your boobs sag!

  149. Ashlee says:

    Breastfeeding… not as hard as it looks.

  150. Chris says:

    Breastfeeding… Yeah, it’s that important.

    Oh, wait. A-1 already did that. :/

  151. Mary says:

    shaken not stirred

  152. “Breastfeeding… tip her up, don’t waste a drop.”

    “Breastfeeding… because you can’t tip the baby upside down, that would just be wrong.”

  153. Chad says:

    What do you mean it is empty turn her upside down!

  154. Schelle says:

    Gravity may be defied. Love is the REAL irresistable force.

  155. Ashley says:

    Breastfeeding: good to the last drop (is that one already out there?)

    Ok, I suck at captions, but I SO want to print this & jam it in all those crappy books that tell people “THIS is how you breastfeed…”

  156. Gregg Anderson says:

    Breastfeeding: Give your child a well balanced diet!

  157. Maggie says:

    Head over heels about breastfeeding!!

  158. Gail Durham says:

    Gravity Fed!

  159. Rebecca says:

    Breastfeeding….I can do it better than you.

  160. Ileen says:

    Let’s see – How do I get the right angle for THIS clogged duct? (P.S. this is probably a real thought that has gone through my head once or twice.)

  161. Juanita says:

    “Women…because we CAN”

  162. Patrick says:

    “Got Milk?”

  163. stacey says:

    Breastfeeding: For Ninjas

  164. Blake says:

    Breastfeeding…Can’t believe your wife let you post her picture.

  165. Brian Craig says:

    “She was really good at keg stands in college too!”

  166. Steph says:

    (I’m sure Theodore Geisel will forgive)

    Would you drink it in the rough?
    Would you drink it in the buff?

    Would you drink it in the nude?
    Would you drink it lewd?

    Would you drink it sitting down?
    Would you drink it wrong-way-roun’?

  167. Kevin says:

    Parent and Tot Yoga: Downward Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

  168. chaz says:

    If I do it upside down maybe I won’t need a lift later…

  169. drlingkos says:

    I wonder if I blow to hard will she blow up?

  170. Cha says:

    Breastfeeding…who says it makes your boobs saggy???

  171. Karen says:

    KEG STAND!!!

  172. ANGELIK says:


  173. Ron says:

    Breastfeeding can be tricky if you don’t want your kid to be a vampire gotta keep the blood in your head instead of other places.

  174. Stu Dunn says:

    Yet another breast feeding mother doing it to show off (I’m going to get told off for this, aren’t I?)

  175. Jolene says:

    She is Mom enough. 🙂

  176. sharkbite75 says:

    My milkshake brings all the babes to the yard…

  177. Kathy V. says:

    Breastfeeding may prevent poison ivy reactions, new research reveals.

  178. Kathy V. says:

    Breastfeeding upside down and naked. And you thought Jamie Lynne Grumet was crunchy.

  179. Kathy V. says:

    Breastfeeding. Now with even more ants.

  180. Kasey says:

    Breastfeeding position 143-Let gravity do the work while you continue your yoga

  181. Barry says:

    How the hell do I do this with triplets!

  182. Ryan Osswald says:

    Trying to get every last drop.

  183. Natalie says:

    Breastfeeding…. defying gravity since the dawn of time.

  184. Zoe says:

    At my age (and after nursing two children) the only caption I can think of is, “Bottoms Up!”

    Gravity sucks…….I always joke that mine are very perky when I stand on my head. (TMI?)

  185. sylberto says:

    Breastfeeding…on demand.


    Honey can you check the latch?!

  186. Mark says:

    Breastfeeding…not as easy as it used to be.


    Breastfeeding…a great way to blackmail your children in 20 years.


    Breastfeeding…bet that’s the last time you tell ME to be more discreet.

  187. Ro says:

    Breastfeeding and yoga…the emptying of breast and mind.

    ‘Boobga’ or ‘Titlates’ is increasingly popular among mums worldwide. From the rich and wealthy, to the hippies and eccentrics; the combination of both actions can have a dramatic effect on both mother and child.
    The emotional and mental effects of such a combination can encourage total telepathic communication between mum and baby. As well as this, it has been scientifically proven* that the practice of yoga whilst feeding a child from the breast, can both enhance and purify the milk in such a way that thus known ‘superbabies’ are raised.

    It is also proven* that this is the exact method of feeding used by the mother of Chuck Norris.

    *This is not proven

  188. Frank says:

    Apparently the milkshake wasn’t the only thing that brought the boys to the yard.

  189. Miika says:

    Breastfeeding- Anyway you want it, that’s the way you “kneed” it…

  190. Mike says:

    Mom heard that drinking upside-down cured hiccups…

  191. Meredith says:

    screw you gravity.

  192. DazzyDad says:

    Breastfeeding … Self serve, finally!

  193. Glenn says:

    “Shaken not Stired”

  194. Prim says:

    That grass is very green.

  195. Tatjana says:

    Breastfeeding… as natural as naked yoga AND just about as difficult in North American society to find acceptance to do in public.

  196. Brian Harrington says:

    Thanks mom!
    I didn’t like people staring at your chest while I was eating. Pretty sure the handstand solves that.

  197. jessica lee says:

    breast is always best

  198. BENJI says:

    “Breastfeeding… [ Photo was taken just before the women yelled “who’s kid is this!” ]”

  199. Woman in San Rafael fears her breasts will sag after giving birth.

  200. April Luebbert says:

    It isn’t actually so hard that you have to stand on your head.

  201. JJ says:

    “No artificial flavours or additives” – Breastfeeding as natural as it gets, expecially in the outdoors, and nude.

  202. BMR says:

    Are you mom enough?

  203. Typhanie says:

    Breastfeeding: Got Milk?

  204. Paige and Blake says:

    A great way to also get peed on.

  205. Dusty says:

    A DIY guide to a self sustaining sprinkler system!

  206. Mic says:

    Hey, free vendo! And I didn’t even have to put a coin on the slot.

  207. Mic says:

    Hey, cool! Dad bought a new sprinkler!

  208. Steven says:

    Dads gonna be so jealous the baby sitter took be to yoga class.

  209. Christina says:

    The longer I breastfeed, the more certain I am that I know EXACTLY what is going on in this picture =p

  210. Gloria says:

    Breastfeeding: Once you are comfortable exposing your boobie, you’re comfortable to expose more!

  211. “Are you mom enough?”

    oh wait, has that been used somewhere before?

  212. CourtneyMom0f3 says:

    “Breastfeeding…because you can’t do this with formula & a bottle.”

  213. Kellan says:

    Breastfeeding…right side up is so yesterday.

    @Daughter of the Sun, this is such a sweet pic! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  214. Massiel says:

    Breastmilk: Nature’s Milk… so much better!

  215. Jen says:

    This milkshake brings all the babes to the yard!

  216. Ju Blasina says:

    Breastfeeding… and Yôga: Not because you can you should do some things – especially all of them at once!

  217. Jonesdad says:

    “Strong with this one, the force is…”

    (May be a repeat post. If accepted, please delete the previous one. Thanks and great site!!)

  218. Chris says:

    Make sure you get every last drop

  219. Fernando says:

    Everybody sucks at the beginning

  220. Breastfeeding… Level: Yoda.

  221. Albert says:

    Breastfeeding-this is how Chuck Norris got his!

  222. Angie says:

    Breastfeeding…..better than a bottle, but you can still turn it upside down to get those last few drops, mmmmm good!!!

  223. Kray says:

    I dont always breastfeed, but when i do, ill do it upside down and let people take picture of it. Ok back to 9gag

  224. YAKOV says:

    Breastfeeding(last drop)

  225. efthemess says:

    When you can’t reach it, flip it!

  226. Maggie says:

    That’s the last time someonne asks me to cover up in public!

  227. Lane says:

    Breastfeeding in China

  228. Mike says:


  229. Dts says:

    Need to turn porn into art. Just add breast feeding baby

  230. Dts says:

    How to cure baby hiccups.

  231. Pat says:

    When a milkSHAKE just isn’t good enough…

  232. JV says:

    I like me some titties.

  233. James says:

    Milk, good to the last drop.

  234. Tomme says:

    Gravity-fed. The way Nature (should have) intended.

  235. Jeff says:

    How about, “Let’s face it – we should be impressed this picture is in focus…”

  236. Steve says:

    Breastfeeding – Tony Horton Edition.

  237. Angela says:

    I make milk. What’s your superpower?

  238. Breastfeeding…As if strangers don’t stare enough already.

  239. Doug Witten says:

    Boobie Milk Keg Stand!!

  240. Meana says:

    Breastfeeding.. Because doing it rightside up is just too natural.

  241. Tanya Smith says:

    you are mine!

  242. David says:

    It’s always so hard to get that last drop

  243. Paula says:

    Bottoms Up!

  244. tony says:

    is awesome.
    so are boundaries.

  245. Francis says:

    “BREASTFEEDING… Because Football Hold is too mainstream.”

  246. Jes says:

    My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard! My milk is better than yours! I can teach you, but I have to charge. Did I go to far? 🙂

  247. Heather says:

    *Frat boys cheering*

  248. G says:

    Incest, it doesn’t matter if you say it’s all natural breastfeeding.

  249. C says:

    These inflatable travel moms take FOREVER to blow up!

  250. Ali says:

    She just ate some chocolate. I was hoping for a chocolate shake but this still tastes just like regular milk…

  251. Dave says:


  252. Rob says:

    Breastfeeding – What to do when Mom is almost empty.

  253. JasonDC says:

    Got Yoga?

  254. Joe says:

    … because SUP Yoga is too pretentious.

  255. Ben says:

    Time Magazine’s second choice for the “Are You Mom Enough?” cover…

  256. Nika says:

    Level 99.

  257. Jae says:

    Tiger Mom = 1 Hipster Mom = 50

  258. Erich says:

    Breastfeeding … we’re head over heals for it!

  259. mommylove says:

    Breastfeeding.. maybe this is why babies can’t talk at first.. “See mommy, isn’t this better? This is going in your performance review! Keep it up!”

    ps-She didn’t need to be naked, dads.. This week my son would have seized this moment with he and I in snowsuits.

  260. Travis Collins says:

    It’s whats for dinner

  261. jeff says:

    Breastfeeding…….Sorry about the “FEE”
    Breastfeeding…….as natural as sap from a tree…again sorry about the letters “FEE”

  262. Taren Boucher says:

    I did see if this was already posted but

    “Bottoms up!”

  263. Melissa says:

    Breastfeeding…..who ever said a mother can’t get her sun on and a little yoga at the same time?

  264. Heather says:

    Breastfeeding: What’s a “nursing cover?”

  265. Heather says:

    Or how about, “Discreet Breastfeeding. What, my breast is completely covered!”

  266. donnyb says:

    Breast milk… Just Suck It.

  267. Nicole says:

    Breastfeeding: Level Expert

  268. Jari says:

    narrator: “This was a new pose Jen learned today in nude yoga… Babies mouth Facing Breast.”

  269. April says:

    The Mother’s Guide To Multitasking

  270. BeccaLynn says:

    I don’t know if this has already been said. I’m too lazy to look tgrough these hundreds of comments… 😉

    “Breastfeeding… Are you mom enough?”

  271. Amanda says:

    It’s what’s for dinner.

  272. Jackie says:

    Breastfeeding… the gateway to keg stands.

  273. Andrew Woods says:

    maybe if I stand on my head maybe it will flow faster

  274. CC says:

    Extreme Breastfeeding! Our guide on how to get a rush while taking care of Junior – safe and au naturel!

  275. Shanea says:

    Easy anyway you do it.

  276. Steph says:

    Breastfeeding like a BOSS

  277. Shannon says:

    The only way to really get the hind milk.

  278. Marc says:

    There’s nothing like drinking straight from the tap

  279. Jeff R says:

    keg stands for parents

  280. D says:

    Not really a caption, but I can just imagine Grumpy Cat nearby saying, “NO”. Love the photo!

  281. Michael Crawley says:

    Keg stand training

  282. Genevieve D says:

    The ancestor of the Spiderman kiss, that’s how he did it when he was a baby!

  283. Shawn says:

    This makes it hard to ‘put’ something ‘where the sun don’t shine’.

  284. Breastfeeding… The book said “weaning”, I read “leaning”

    Breastfeeding… Hands down, the best method.

    Breastfeeding… Is this milk gluten free? Oh, never mind.

  285. Jesi Palileo says:

    Breastfeeding… If you don’t like it, you can suck it.

  286. HT says:

    Breastfeeding.. great even when life turns you upside down!

  287. David says:

    Bottoms up?

  288. Larry N. says:

    Had to stir the milk somehow right?

  289. Sarah B. says:

    IDK about a caption but if I tried to do this I think my boob would just flop down into my own mouth…. which would be a whole ‘nother picture! LOl!

  290. DougMD says:

    “There’s no wrong way to eat a…” oh that’s been taken.

  291. Courtney Bates says:

    Hold it right there mommy I’m finally getting some Num Num Num!!!!!

  292. Omar De Pablo says:

    Crossfit interval training for the breastfeeding mom. A set of burpees will follow.

  293. daemonclown says:

    Because holding the baby upside down is mean…

  294. Heather Wade says:

    Unclogging a blocked milk duct one yoga position at a time.

    • Mary says:

      I like this one best ^
      I nursed (am still nursing!) my kids and any breastfeeding mom can relate to a clogged duct and trying any postion possible to unclog!!

  295. Tim says:

    An-ti-ci-pa-tion …

  296. Brent says:

    Breastfeeding: How Batgirl does it.

  297. David says:

    Good to the last drop!

  298. S says:

    Mother: “Ohm, ohm”
    Baby: “Nom, nom”

  299. dan says:

    “She’ll stand on her head ’til her nipples turn red…. Go see mom, go see mom, go see mom…..”

    {To get the context on this caption, it helps to have grown up in California watching Cal Worthington’s car dealerships commercials… like this one .}

  300. Adrienne says:

    Hey, Time Mag, next time you go tossing a cover girl, make sure she’s shown you all her moves. The Enquirer is calling and i heard they really like to turn things upside down……

    (ps. im all for the extended breastfeeding. this is a true titty-twister, however. makes no sense. bizarre. )

  301. Bobbi says:

    One way to get rid of a plugged duct.

  302. Arian says:

    Good to the last drop.

  303. Jennifer says:

    What I do when I’m not doing laundry…

  304. Breastfeeding…

    Rumor has it there’s a baby hidden in this picture. Still can’t find it.

  305. Jonny says:

    Reverse Keg Stand!!! Chug! Chug! Chug!

  306. David says:

    Breastfeeding–because who wants saggy boobs!

  307. Gavin says:

    I don’t always breastfeed, but when I do, I do it standing on my head!

  308. Lia says:

    Don’t mind if I do!
    (or, possibly)
    Babies: Opportunistic by nature.

  309. Jim B says:

    Good to the last drop.. Take that Maxwell House!

  310. dean says:

    Breastfeeding + yoga = naturally awesome!

  311. dean says:

    Well, if Dad can do it…..

  312. Mikhael says:

    Try seeing Breastfeeding from a different point of view

  313. Kim H says:

    Breastfeeding + yoga = yogurt

  314. Crystal says:

    Breastfeeding…… milk shake brings all the babies to the yard….Naked 😛

  315. Tia says:


  316. Paul Cammarata says:

    And we call this the “Downward Boob”

  317. Rhapsody says:

    I understand the natural theme of this photo, but the baby should be wearing a cloth diaper, at least! And what was the photographer thinking??

  318. jenny says:

    Because the kegels weren’t working.

  319. Megan says:

    Little baby Audrey liked her morning latte upside down.

  320. Anne says:

    Breastfeeding- giving the ‘letdown’ a whole new meaning

  321. Fay says:

    ballast chamber b Inflated: Check!

  322. Angela says:

    …served anyway you like it!

    …any clown can do it!

    …not just for the modest ones.

    … can be done while doing yoga!

  323. Jay says:

    Larry then went on later in life to start the first inverted dairy farm…

  324. Doc Lowery says:

    Breastfeeding: “This tastes funny today for some reason…”

  325. Yoshi says:

    This milkshake always brings me to her yard

  326. Kaman says:

    “Don’t suck too hard.”

  327. Cklobo says:

    Eve- the original MOM, before La Leche League.

  328. Logan says:

    Breastfeeding… can do in your bed, you can do it on your head

  329. Diahann says:

    What you can’t see is the bed she tossed in the air with her feet. She’s really a world class juggler!

  330. Pabitra Das says:

    Mother is mother, whatever it takes.

  331. Pabitra Das says:

    New age multitasking mother.

  332. Rodrigo says:

    C’mon, just a little longer mom, there’s always some milk at the bottom I just can’t get.

  333. Rodrigo says:

    Breastfeeding… C’mon, just a little longer mom, there’s always some milk at the bottom I just can’t get.

  334. Nvn says:

    Somethings can only be enjoyed when younger and innocent

  335. Greg says:

    Tip It! Tip It!

  336. Matt says:

    It is important to stay relaxed when breast-feeding.

  337. Big Papi says:

    Bottoms Up!

  338. Joel Brens says:

    Breast feeding- wait what were we talking about?

  339. Jeremy says:

    I didn’t think gymnasts had breasts?!?

  340. Alan says:

    Keg Stand!!! (Baby-style)

  341. Layla's mommy says:

    Trying to get every last drop.

  342. Maryn says:

    They say nursing from different angles is a good way to prevent mastitis.

  343. ha ha says:

    Good to the last drop.

  344. Erika says:

    Breastfeeding… Putting the “nom” in “om” for centuries.

  345. Donielle Dickerson says:

    Any time, any where!

  346. Mike says:

    Taking “Got Milk” to a new level.

  347. Robert says:

    If it is a baby boy, what will mom do when he starts peeing?

  348. Querky says:

    You’re doing it right!

  349. Nicki says:

    Mom will try anything to relieve that blocked duct.

  350. Alex Tait says:

    BreastFeeding…So good, you’ll get every last drop outta there!

  351. Dallas Norvell says:

    The flow is good today!

  352. sistersister says:

    Breastfeeding. A titty, is a titty, is a titty, even when it is an upside down titty. God bless the titty.

  353. Adam Davis says:

    Breastfeeding: Because quitting yoga just wasn’t an option.

  354. Apprehensive Italian mother says:

    Ma che paura! Se la mamma perde l’equilibrio?
    Pero ganzo!

  355. Whearn says:

    “The things I do to get this little f@#ker to latch on.”

    Note: this is the story behind the photo…

  356. La says:

    Let the the literal handstands begin to figuratively please our children !

  357. Mom, Mom, I knew you would stand on your head to please me.

  358. Chris says:

    “When she says she’s all out, I make her do this and I always get a few more drops.”

  359. Paddydaddy5 says:

    Moms’s busy! Get your own damned dinner!

  360. Chelsea says:

    Oh, you don’t breastfeed your child while doing yoga naked in the backyard? I bet you feed your child processed foods.

  361. Jessica says:

    Breastfeeding… when you’re bored with the same ol’ same ol’

  362. Jessica says:

    Breastfeeding… Ron Burgundy Style!

  363. Ashton says:

    Breastfeeding…. As seen in the Mama Sutra

  364. Homemakerman says:

    Otherwise known as the reverse double keg stand.

  365. Steve says:

    Nom Nom Nom

  366. Asif Khan says:

    Yoga and feeding

    Keep the doctor away………………


  367. kylesmother says:

    New way to prevent sagging breasts! !

  368. Lisa Marie says:

    Breastfeeding; any angle works.

  369. Kathy says:

    Breastfeeding…. I prefer mine shaken, not stirred.

  370. Jessica says:

    because Moms can do ANYTHING any which way 🙂

  371. Jeff says:

    Shaken, not stirred

  372. Now THIS is Child’s Pose.

  373. Kenneth Brown says:

    Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

  374. Darah says:

    Breastfeeding…do it anytime, anywhere, anyhow (any which way) – breast is best for mom and baby.

  375. DingDong says:

    Let’s have a snack!

  376. Mikey Goode says:


  377. Mike Smith says:

    Yeah, that little stinker beat me to her!

  378. Jasmine says:

    Breastfeeding … Organic but not vegan. Sorry, yogis.

  379. zach says:

    Breastfeeding…[the first balanced meal]

  380. Jack says:

    This is great! Now I can eat when I want, not just when Mom thinks I should.

  381. steve mills says:

    Breastfeeding. From any angle it’s the best!

  382. Lupe Ramos says:

    Breastfeeding: Reverseing the effects of gravity 15 min a day!

  383. Lupe Ramos says:

    Reversing^ lol >.<

  384. david p fraser says:

    Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

  385. Amber says:

    She lives in Hawaii somewhere I think, where nudity is common place. She was doing her morning yoga when her little one just crawled over and latched on of her own accord. So her hubby just snapped the photo. I think its a beautiful.

  386. Steve says:

    Breastfeeding… All the good milk is at the bottom.

  387. Logan says:

    Best to the Last Drop.

  388. Brian says:

    Breastfeeding… Bottoms up!

  389. Chris says:

    Gravity-feed dispenser!

  390. Anna says:

    Breastfeeding… Not as weird as this picture so get over it.

  391. Griffin says:

    Bottoms UP!

  392. Budo says:

    1) Mother assumes Inverted tree pose… baby takes to tree-tapping.

    2) Gravity fed feed machine.

    3) “Ooo! It’s closer!”

  393. Jeanmarie says:

    The Yoga of Breastfeeding

  394. T says:

    Breatfeeding…how to get that last little bit out.

  395. Jason says:

    Breastfeeding….A new move called 1{The Baby Feeder} or 2{Food Dispenser} Not Sold in Stores Yet………. HEHEHEHE

  396. Jeramy says:

    We will flip for your moms breast. Heads, I win… tails, you win….

  397. Matthew says:

    I wuv my upside down mommy-shake!

  398. Matthew says:

    Grass finished and fed and off to bed!

  399. Matthew says:

    Breast Feeding… Grass finished and fed and off to bed!

  400. Kirsty says:

    Breast feeding is as easy as standing on your head! X

  401. Chris says:

    Breastfeeding.. (The Downward Dribble Position)

  402. Jeff says:

    It does a body good!!

  403. Amanda says:

    drinking from an upside down boob…best hiccup cure ever!

  404. delfajz says:

    …. growned on clover

  405. Bruce says:

    It stops the hickups

  406. Alexandra says:

    Breast feeding (Need to tilt the bottle)

  407. Joshua U says:

    Extreme Breastfeeding at its finest.

  408. Dustin says:

    Baby’s got “breast stand” skills

  409. Asif says:

    let the olympic breast feeding games begin! and in gold positionis baby number 1!

  410. PETER says:

    This is the technique recommended if your baby is on a low fat diet…because cream rises to the top….!

  411. lynn says:

    Moms must learn to multi-task to fit everything into their day…

  412. Alexis montez says:

    The flows better upsidedown

  413. Samantha says:

    Extreme breastfeeding!

    Breastfeeding… the original drip irrigation.

  414. Barry Sy says:

    Breat bomb! Ready to pour the milk! 🙂

  415. Mike says:

    Breast feeding… The best way to feed your child while showing off to others that you barely gained enough weight during pregnancy and are somewhat acrobatic.

  416. Breastfeeding…without it, we’d all go tits up!

  417. Brandon Judd says:

    Breastfeeding… “Mom, where did the guy with the weed wacker go? We need to get him to come clean you arm pits again. Oh, and stop looking at my junk!”

  418. Mark says:

    Keg stand!

  419. Mike Heitz says:

    Nope – still empty, mommy!

  420. Hervé says:

    The fruit always falls down close to the trunc

  421. Harrison says:

    “Man…..Mom’s a weirdo.

  422. sean says:


  423. Brandon says:

    Breastfeeding…I knew I should have taken that breastfeeding course.

  424. Dustin Fenn says:


  425. Michael says:

    Downward drip

  426. Rebecca says:

    Breast feeding … 100% all nature organic yoga. Clothes not included!

  427. Charles says:

    “When we do this in the rain it’s like drinking from a firehose!”

  428. Charlotte says:

    ‘This Way Up’

  429. BP says:

    Boobies always look fascinating upside down.

  430. Michael Toutonghi says:

    A balanced breakfast

  431. sarah says:

    Breastfeeding… Gravity helps!

  432. Greg says:

    Gotta get that last drop

  433. Ronda S says:

    Breastfeeding : just don’t crush the baby during the dismount.

  434. Breastfeeding mom says:

    Breastfeeding… LEVEL: PRO”

  435. Brian says:

    How about “Uttery Delicious” or “Milk Stand”

  436. DarkLordZim says:

    The Breastfeeding Gravity Bong

  437. Colleen says:

    Breastfeeding.. There’s no wrong way to do it

  438. “How to maintain perky breasts after childbirth and breast feeding.”

    “Go from sagger to swagger with these simple boob enhancing exercises!”

  439. Chris says:

    Cross-fit Breast Feeding!

  440. Phil landsberg says:

    head over heels… for BREASTFEEDING

  441. Phil landsberg says:

    BREASTFEEDING… Part of a balanced breakfast

  442. Joshua says:

    “I’m just gonna keeeeeep ooooon looooving yooooouu. It’s the ooooonly thing I wanna dooooo. I don’t wanna sleep, III just wanna keep on looooving youuuuuu!” That has to be, hands (head?) down, the absolute (and only?) sexiest photo of breastfeeding I have never seen….because I, like, would never, ever admit to having seen this pic, much less being turned on by it. Nope – yer not pinning that one on me. HELL NO. Why do you think I used a fake name? Suckahs!

  443. Jillian H says:

    Breastfeeding Level: EXPERT

  444. Steve says:

    That’s lovely dear, but I need to mow the lawn!

  445. kerry says:

    They said. Its easy they said.

  446. dk says:

    New style ..!! 😛

  447. iska says:

    breastfeeding… to feel on top form, whichever way you look at it!

  448. Thirsty says:

    Move Over!

  449. Jess Miller says:

    This mother gets it. If she stood up normally, that baby would be sucking on her knee.

  450. Misty says:

    So easy a baby could do it.

  451. Myia Brush says:

    For all you multi-tasking mommies out muscle while nourishing baby.

  452. Will Gray says:

    … You’re doing it wrong.

  453. breastfeeding – picking up where daddy left off

  454. Baby’s first reverse keg stand…

  455. Harsimran says:

    Breastfeeding…I come from the land down under…

  456. Jessica Bethune says:

    Breastfeeding…the original super food.

  457. jim says:

    Who said low hanging fruit is so bad

  458. Dan says:

    So, if you didn’t think upside-down breastfeeding wasn’t crazy enough, we present “Pants Optional” breastfeeding.

  459. Tara says:

    My milkshake brings all the babies to bosoms…

  460. Ben Johnson says:

    “Head down ass up that’s the way I like to suck”

  461. Vincent Sanchelli says:

    Look its a baby keg stand, chug chug chug.

  462. Jen says:

    “Lunch is great and all, Mom, but could you like, clothe us…or something? The neighbor’s stares are kinda creeping me out, thanks.”

  463. David says:

    Breastfeeding – good ’till the last drop!

  464. David says:

    Bottoms up

  465. john says:

    awesome position..!! LOL

  466. Michelle says:

    anytime, anywhere, any how

  467. ND says:

    This is how Australians breastfeed

  468. Started with a keg stand but now we are here!!

  469. Justin says:

    Having trouble achieving let down? Try this one weird trick!

  470. Kat says:

    Breastfeeding with inverted nipples, IT CAN BE DONE!

  471. daryl leonard says:

    AAAaaaahhhhh Now to wash that upside down cake down!

  472. Wayne says:

    fresher outside!

  473. Chris says:

    Where’s this kid’s mom?

  474. Bud says:

    Good to the last drop

  475. JD says:

    Face down ass up! That’s the way we like too…. breastfeed?

  476. krawtschenko says:

    Breastfeeding…son, you will never have it this good again.

  477. Brent Bergan says:

    Breastfeeding… no straw needed.

  478. Stevo says:

    Mmmmmm yoga-urt!!!

  479. Scott says:

    Still gotta get Crossfit in while feeding.

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