How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Thank You for Helping to Save the Gummy Bears!

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Congratulations! It’s a gummy bear. Or it will be once it’s born. All because you liked our HowToBeADad Facebook page, you’ve helped to save the next generation of gummy bears. Awww. Look! This one’s got his mother’s eye-nubs.

The next time you see one being decapitated or mamed by the teeth of some small child, rest easy knowing you did your part to SAVE THE GUMMY BEARS!

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If you didn’t get here by Liking our Facebook Page and came to this page by some share or link, you can learn more here. And if you want to do your part to help save the gummy bear, visit our Facebook Page!

For Facebook Likers and Sharers
You’ve done your part. Go have some fun in the rest of our site.



3 Responses to “Thank You for Helping to Save the Gummy Bears!”

  1. la_chieuse says:


    I’m French. I would like to save the gummy bears too. I’m discovering your blog with great pleasure. But please don’t torture my language: “Vive la résistance des oursons Haribo”.
    By the way, I didn’t know those little friends were international.

  2. CobyLyn says:


  3. Love the humor of ‘how to be a dad’, great read! Thank you for inspiring new parents 🙂

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