How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Baby Sleep Positions: “Donkey Kong”


Baby Sleep Positions: Donkey Kong

Life imitates art. But sometimes it imitates a video game and then art imitates that… Don’t worry, you won’t be tested on this. Anyways, sleeping with your little one can seem like a video game, Donkey Kong metaphorically throwing barrels down at you as you try to ascend the steel girders of a good night’s sleep.

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Instructional Diagrams
You’ll probably be blown away.


18 Responses to “Baby Sleep Positions: “Donkey Kong””

  1. dadand says:

    true true. I can’t wait for the diagram of the “punch in the balls” alarm clock. – Pete

    • andy says:

      Ha ha! You realize by posting that comment that you relinquish the right to the idea and we have free reign to use it ourselves. 😉 Amazing! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      “You snooze, you lose” takes on a new depth of meaning when the Snooze button is your testicles.

  2. LOL that’s funny. And true.

  3. Tad says:

    Ha! Glad to meet another sleep-art connoisseur!

    I’m very familiar with the “Donkey Kong”. Though permit me to also submit my favorites. Chiefly:

    The “Super Mario Brothers”:

    The “Ballerina”:

    The “Trapeze Artiste”:

    The “Harry Potter Incantation”:

    and lastly, the “Epic Daddy Wipeout”:

    Sleeping with children is indeed epic blend of “art form” and “contact sport”. 🙂

  4. therookiedad says:

    I have to agree… very funny and true!

  5. Stephanie G says:

    Hey this looks familiar!!!

    • andy says:

      It looks familiar because it’s TRUE! We’re here to tell the truth. Unless making stuff up is funnier, then we lie. But we lie with love!

  6. Avara says:

    Good thing I like Thai massage and my feet don’t stink 🙂

    • andy says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha! You lucked out on this one. Wow! If it was the other way around… let’s just leave it there, shall we? (No offense, Charlie. I’m sure your feet smell like roses.)

  7. Elizabeth aka Lizzie says:

    Looks familiar…sometimes I wish I could levitate above the bed to a place where I can hear nothing and sleep the most wonderful and peaceful sleep….ah to dream.

    • andy says:

      A true sign of sleep deprivation, you’re dreaming while you’re awake. Nice night last night, huh, luv? Man!!!
      You don’t think he got into some chocolate espresso beans before bed by chance?

  8. Lisa S. says:

    Ours is similar…Griffin is at the head of the bed stretched lengthwise across the pillows and physically pushes Paul and I to the very edges of either side of the bed. I sometimes end up with half my pillow on the nightstand. What a bed hog!!

  9. Brilliant! remember this routine very well.

  10. This is great. My son always went with “The Pinball” sleeping style. That’s where my ex-wife and I were on either side of him and he’d bounce around in between us. I’ve never prayed for a Tilt as much as I did then. And on some occasions he would unleash the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. He’d be curled up, and then BAM!!! He would strike. Fun times.

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