How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


My Wife Just Said… #205

Posted by on March 23rd, 2015, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“Have a safe flight!” -Elizabeth   She says it every time I travel. Lots of peolpe do. It’s kind of just… what’s said. Like people saying “How’s it going.” as a sort of greeting without it really being an actual inquiry into how your day or life is going. It’s something that’s said to say […]

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Uber for Parents

Posted by on June 19th, 2014, under NOTEBOOK

I can’t tell if technology is helping or hurting us. Hell, if Stephen Hawking is worried about the ability of a sentient technology to “design improvements to itself and outsmart us all” — then I’m frigging scared. Well, I think it’s high time we make technology our parenting bitch. Let’s start with transportation because it […]

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My Kid Just Called… #35

Posted by on December 10th, 2013, under "MY KID JUST SAID..."

“Just come home, Dad. [not Daddy!] The cwock says 20:30. Come home now fwom yo twip. Okay good, see you soon, bye.” [Click] -Lucas (2013, 4.5 years old)   I was in Mississippi on the last day of a short work-caytion. I talked to the little lad multiple times each day, but he was still […]

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Atlas the Father

Posted by on September 12th, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

I remember seeing a towering statue when I was traveling through Italy as a young boy. The marble man’s face looked so determined, forehead wrinkled from strain, and his eyes set upon some faraway place. I thought the giant globe perched between his powerful back and open hands would fall at any moment. I couldn’t […]

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Cleaning Up San Francisco…

Posted by on May 18th, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

Sometimes, you get invited to do things or go places and it reminds you what a different person you have become. How much more cleaned up you are… Clorox invited me to hang out with them at a truck on a street corner one day. I know that sounds dirty. It was the opposite of […]

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Our Epic Play Date

Posted by on May 10th, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

We aren’t the types to use the word YOLO in a sentence, let alone all by itself, but when we were asked to invent and lead an activity for 200 people at Hyundai’s “Epic Play Date” event just outside Santa Barbara, we knew we had to do something EPIC. YOLO. You only live once. To […]

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Worth A Trip: Walt Disney Family Museum with #MonstersUEvent

Posted by on May 1st, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

Back in 2009, two awesome things happened: 1. My son was born. 2. The Walt Disney Family Museum was born. These two births probably had a lot of wide eyes and screaming. Right? And like my son, this museum is not like other museums. It’s not the boring ‘field trip with a monotone docent half-falling […]

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Our #HondaDads Road Trip! (Video)

Posted by on April 5th, 2013, under VIDEOTAPE

We did it. Almost 2000 miles. Over 30 hours of driving. 8 hours of footage. We’ve finally finished our video journal of the magic and majesty captured on the drive from Los Angeles to the Dad 2.0 Summit in Houston, Texas. Enjoy! Watch the extended director’s cut: THE BEST VERSION EVER! Subscribe to our YouTube […]

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I Turn My Head for Just One Week

Posted by on February 7th, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

I’ll never forgive myself. Or the Universe. I was gone for a week. Just one week! I’m in his room playing and he just said “those” instead of “dozes.” One Day Earlier Lugging my bags to the curb, I met my family with a mountain range of a smile set against the gray sky of […]

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Hero for a Day

Posted by on January 30th, 2013, under SNAPSHOTS

So, we’re on this insane road trip when my wife texts me a message. I’m sitting in the backseat of the car and zoning out with my earbuds. It was this image, and the words, “His words. Not mine.” All the onions. All the dust in my eyes. He gave me a gift I’ve wanted […]

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