How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


Shaving for Dummies

Posted by on December 1st, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

::This post was done in partnership with Philips Norelco. As a token of their commitment to fighting mens’ cancer, they’ve agreed to match up to $15,000 in donations to our Dad 2.0 Movember team. So, they graciously sent us a beard trimmer and an insane electric razor (thanks dudes!) as reward for our incredible mustaches. […]

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Ass-kicking Staches

Posted by on November 28th, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

This is not a ’70s buddy cop show. Charlie and Andy have embarked on growing ass-kicking Movember mustaches. Who could argue with the statement that cancer needs its ass kicked? My Mustache’s the Only Abnormal Growth Here by Charlie Capen    My wife won’t look me in the eye. My son dry heaves upon seeing […]

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Shaving without Scaring the Kids

Posted by on November 21st, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

A major change to your hair, head or facial, is one of the fastest, most dramatic alterations to the way you look. Especially when you’ve had it a certain way for a long time and then toss a high-yield grenade of change at it. It can be very startling for others, especially your kids. So, […]

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