How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


My Wife Just Complained… #251

Posted by on February 8th, 2016, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“I have a high tolerance for pain, but a very low tolerance for discomfort.” –Elizabeth   Hang on. What? Not sure how her statement makes perfect sense to me, but it kinda does. Science, and people who push large melon-sized things out of their bodies, have long claimed that women tend to have a higher […]

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My Wife just Said… #109

Posted by on May 16th, 2013, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“…Maybe I need stitches, the cut is really deep! Can you just sew me up?” [Level stare] “I’m a mom with four tattoos. I can deal with the pain.” -Elizabeth   For being such a hypochondriac every so often, my wife can sometimes be a real Mombro. Except without the Stallone slur. Thank goodness. P.S. […]

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Men Simulating Childbirth, Always a Bad Idea

Posted by on May 1st, 2013, under EXTERNAL USE ONLY

  WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN DISTURBING FOOLISHNESS AND GROWN MAN MOANING   Video footage of women in labor can be unsettling or disturbing to some, the same is true of footage of two cocky, Dutch guys trying to experience the miracle of childbirth by having electrodes strapped to their abs and simulating two hours […]

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Baby Sleep Positions: “The Roundhouse Kick”

Posted by on February 1st, 2012, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

  The nighttime abuse we take as parents is a testament to how much we love heading to bed with the baby on board. Co-sleeping is special or at least necessary for some, but a lot of people don’t know that it can also occasionally be a good way to get a bloody nose or […]

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