How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

New Year’s

End of Year Whispers

Posted by on December 26th, 2014, under NOTEBOOK

Can you hear that? The new year is calling our names. He’s off in the distance, waiting for someone to answer. Like a child, he stumbles toward us as he takes his first steps. We don’t know whether to protect this young thing from itself or let him fall. Luckily, he will make his way […]

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5 Ways New Year’s Eve Is Just Like Being a Parent

Posted by on January 1st, 2014, under NOTEBOOK

We made it. Most of us. We made it through 2013 and we are birthed into a new year like screaming babes covered in slimy goodness into the arms of our mommies, another January. But if you’ve spent a night of debauchery ringing in the new year, I’m here to tell you: you’re qualified to […]

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New Year’s Deep Thought

Posted by on January 1st, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

If you had a rough year, just remember: Tomorrow eats today and poops out yesterday. Thanks to everyone for making it less rough for us. Happy New Year! -Charlie & Andy  

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