How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


Are Ads Reading Your Mind?

Posted by on June 21st, 2019, under NOTEBOOK

  Have your kids ever begged for something, or you saw a new product you wanted to try, and the next thing you know, you’re miraculously seeing ads for it everywhere??? It can kinda freak you out and make you wonder if your phone or home is bugged. You’re just idly scrolling through Facebook or […]

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JINGLEBOOK – The Social Network for Christmas

Posted by on December 23rd, 2014, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS, SNAPSHOTS

Christmas and Facebook are each forces to be reckoned with, but added together? That’s something you shouldn’t reckon with a ten foot pole probably.* * the North Pole is not ten feet long and also does not actually physically exist. It’s an abstract concept given to a general geographical location.   But seriously (except not […]

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Posted by on September 8th, 2014, under EXTERNAL USE ONLY, SNAPSHOTS

This is amazing. I’ve been following Rob Fee on Twitter (@robfee) for a couple of years without knowing much more than his wit consistently makes me piss-laugh or blows my mind. Then I came across this majesty of his.   Ugh. If I didn’t love his humor so much, I’d hate him for being so […]

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Daddy is Full of Shhhhh… Sugar

Posted by on June 17th, 2013, under SNAPSHOTS

This image popped up in my Facebook feed. It had a single caption with only six words: “Dave has some explaining to do…” We think the explanation is pretty clear. “I love you because you give me sugar all day. Jack” We’re now in the hangover period after Father’s Day. Jack’s dad is obviously being […]

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How To Announce Your Pregnancy & Keep Them Guessing

Posted by on November 1st, 2012, under SNAPSHOTS

You should all know by now that taking us seriously can lead to disastrous results. You’ve already seen my birth announcement, right? Well, today I want to show you how I announced that my wife Avara was pregnant… and teach you how you too can create foolproof plan to trick everyone. It was April 1st, […]

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Facebook Fist Bump (FBFB)

Posted by on January 24th, 2012, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

You may feel foolish at first, but you’ll probably smile or burst out laughing. You’ll see. YOU’RE FIST BUMPING US (or each other) THROUGH THE INTERNET! And we think that’s almost as rad as teleportation. Except not as useful, probably. The Fist Bump Click to enlarge  It’s easy. The FBFB can be done on any […]

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My Wife Just Said… #24

Posted by on August 24th, 2011, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“You do realize, because of your iPhone Facebook app, I see your forehead more than your eyes.” -Elizabeth  

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Thank You for Helping to Save the Gummy Bears!

Posted by on April 1st, 2011, under Uncategorized

  Congratulations! It’s a gummy bear. Or it will be once it’s born. All because you liked our HowToBeADad Facebook page, you’ve helped to save the next generation of gummy bears. Awww. Look! This one’s got his mother’s eye-nubs. The next time you see one being decapitated or mamed by the teeth of some small […]

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