How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


Dad Dancing His Baby to “Beat It” Is Priceless

Posted by on February 16th, 2017, under VIDEOTAPE

Baby’s are absolutely wonderful. But let’s face it, they can also be pretty boring. They need a lot of care and changing and feeding, of course, but when they don’t, things can occasionally get a little slow. Sure, when they’re really little everything is exciting. Flexing teeny fingers, speaking dolphin, crossing their eyes, making a […]

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My Kid Just Said… #27

Posted by on July 31st, 2013, under "MY KID JUST SAID..."

“I don’t need to go pee pee… I just dancing.” -Lucas (4 years old)  Just bustin’ a move. Ah the pee pee dance. It’s the first dance we ever learn. I guess I can’t be sure, though. Maybe he is dancing. Gyrating while grabbing your crotch practically qualifies as a style of dance these days. […]

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My Wife Just Said… #53

Posted by on April 3rd, 2012, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“Stop dancing. I love this song and you actually just punched my hand.” -Elizabeth   – Previous “My Wife Just Said…” 

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