How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

My Wife Just Said… #37

Posted by on November 30th, 2011, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“Oh God! Gimme your water! Ow! Potato chip shrapnel going down my throat!” -Elizabeth

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The Calories Burned by Parenting

Posted by on November 29th, 2011, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

It’s the holidays. Yay! We’ve all been double-fisting massive quantities of amazing food into our faces. Waistbands are beginning to groan in protest of the holiday splurging. Maybe some of us have nursed our guilt hangovers with super-protein-food-green-substance drinks, or spritzes of vinaigrette instead of avalanches of blue cheese dressing, it doesn’t matter. You get […]

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Ass-kicking Staches

Posted by on November 28th, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

This is not a ’70s buddy cop show. Charlie and Andy have embarked on growing ass-kicking Movember mustaches. Who could argue with the statement that cancer needs its ass kicked? My Mustache’s the Only Abnormal Growth Here by Charlie Capen    My wife won’t look me in the eye. My son dry heaves upon seeing […]

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Slack Friday!

Posted by on November 25th, 2011, under EQUIPMENT

So, listen… We know you’re “going to shop” today for Black Friday and also “probably shop” on Monday using the Internet, whatever that is, for Cyber Monday. Holiday shopping. Yay! But here’s the deal… We wanted to do a post where you: 1. Laugh. 2. See cool stuff. 3. Buy cool/weird stuff. 4. Could support […]

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Santa Photos for Pro Parents

Posted by on November 24th, 2011, under SNAPSHOTS

I took my son to his first Santa photo op as a toddler last year… Maybe my son is Jewish? ¡Fail-is Navidad! His very first experience as a tiny worm-monkey-baby doesn’t count because he wasn’t big enough to fight back. But this time, just as we arrived to perch him on Santa’s lap, the photo […]

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My Wife Just Said… #36

Posted by on November 23rd, 2011, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“10 years ago I thought how amazing it would be if you were on the Golden Globes. Now, I think it would be even better if you were on Sesame Street.” -Avara  

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Part Deuce! Types of Diaper Loads

Posted by on November 22nd, 2011, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

[ click the image to enlarge ] Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Of course, we’re going to do an Instructional Diagram about poop before the biggest eating holiday on Earth. We’re dads. Which means we’re men who are in the possession of babies. Do the math. It all equals poop jokes. We always knew […]

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Shaving without Scaring the Kids

Posted by on November 21st, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

A major change to your hair, head or facial, is one of the fastest, most dramatic alterations to the way you look. Especially when you’ve had it a certain way for a long time and then toss a high-yield grenade of change at it. It can be very startling for others, especially your kids. So, […]

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Goodnight iPad

Posted by on November 18th, 2011, under VIDEOTAPE

Goodnight Moon. We’ve all read the book once if not 75,839,456,874,985 times. So, I don’t know whether to be tickled or terrified by this YouTube video. Now, I’ve seen the videos of babies trying to swipe and pinch at books and magazines like they are iPhone and iPads. It’s the beginning of the end, alright. […]

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Survival of the Daddliest

Posted by on November 17th, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

I swear I don’t wear tinfoil hats. I’m not a huge fan of bunkers. I don’t have an armory. Yet. So, why am I anticipating the collapse of civilization these days? Trailer for a film I’m in. Funny. It’s about the end of the world. I’d never admit it but the end of the world […]

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