How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Baby Sleep Positions: “Booby Trap”

Posted by on September 28th, 2011, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

   I occassionally use the idol swap scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark as a metaphor when talking about needing to cleverly replace or switch something so that no bad effects occur, but I just realized… it didn’t actually work out so well for Indie. Ha ha! Coming back from the bathroom, you cautiously […]

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Giving Yourself the Death Penalty

Posted by on September 26th, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

Kids are easy to hurt. Plain and simple. They’re little and tend to be uncoordinated, and compared to them we’re BIG and… tend to be uncoordinated. Look, we don’t even spank the boys in our house, so this isn’t some child abuser’s psychotic attempt at an excuse for going postal on one’s offspring. I’m talking […]

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My Wife Just Texted… #28

Posted by on September 21st, 2011, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“Just went nuts and cut my own bangs… oh disaster… pray my hair grows fast. Need to buy a hat :(“ -Elizabeth  

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The Steps to Manhood

Posted by on September 15th, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

Various cultures have different marks of “becoming a man.” Sprouting chest hair, tearing a bottle cap off with your teeth, “knowing” a woman, wrestling a croc, to name a few. However, I noticed that there didn’t seem to be a lot of broad attention from most men on the more subtle steps that lead up […]

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Safety from Children: Baby Carrying Warning

Posted by on September 13th, 2011, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

Attention: Kids need love and protection, that’s a given, but we adults do a better job of delivering these things to kids when we are not, ourselves, in danger or excruciating pain. There is a massive amount of information out there for keeping babies and children safe, but there is a gaping vacuum of information […]

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My Wife Just Said… #26

Posted by on September 7th, 2011, under "MY WIFE JUST SAID..."

“WHERE IS THE OFF BUTTON!?!” [Not referring to any actual off button] -Elizabeth  

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The Social Media Updates of Parenting

Posted by on September 6th, 2011, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

[ click here to enlarge the image ] Understanding and navigating the endless and quickly changing face of the social media world can be a daunting task for anyone. But for parents, just adding something as simple as a pair of button-fly pants to their kid’s wardrobe can be the straw that made the camel […]

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Childbirth Terms Can Make You Want to Puke

Posted by on September 5th, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

You can turn the most vulgar, scary or embarassing concept into a phrase that you might expect Thumper to say to Bambie. It’s called a euphemism (yoo-fuh-miz-uhm). “The stork” are just two simple words and look how handy they are for some shyer parents as a quick dodge for answering a little child’s question about where […]

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She. Is. MINE!!!

Posted by on September 1st, 2011, under NOTEBOOK

It all started out so subtly that it was probably already happening and we didn’t even notice. A sad face from Lucas. A pissed off frown and a pouty lip. Maybe we just wrote it off to some intense toddler farting in the beginning. Soon though, a pretty recognizable pattern started forming. I’d give Lizzie […]

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