How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


We come across handy equipment in the process of fathering. We’re not (currently) paid for these but if you would like to pay us to talk about what we like, by all means give us a shout.

Bad Product Idea #15: Moldi-Pet

Posted by on August 13th, 2014, under EQUIPMENT, INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS

Some kids like to take baths, some absolutely DO NOT, but ALL kids can agree on playing! They love it. Until they get bored of it, of course. Now you can have a tub toy that changes with your child’s fleeting interest: Moldi-Pet, forming fuzzy spots and furry freckles before your very eyes. Mold is […]

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The Swiss Parenting Tool


Be prepared is the Boy Scouts’ motto. And, though this applies well to parenting, the Boy Scout handbook doesn’t have a lot to say about having a baby, but, like the wilds of Nature, when the test of your survival fitness begins, Parenthood doesn’t care how prepared you are. Nature doesn’t forgive you for not […]

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What if Apple made baby products?

Posted by on February 12th, 2014, under EQUIPMENT, SNAPSHOTS

Apple would do a great job making baby products. Heck, some babies are already so familiar with iPads, iPhones and iPods that they’ll try to swipe pictures in books and magazines to change them. People generally love the understated minimalism of their style and the overstated maximalism of their features. Attractive attributes to anyone, but […]

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How to Give Gifts that Are Actually for You

Posted by on December 17th, 2013, under EQUIPMENT

Every holiday season, we shop for our kids, our family and our friends, but let’s admit it, we’re pretty frigging interested in what we might get. There are so many rad things! Gotta look out for number one, even if we’re not supposed to say that. Hmmmm… Ah ha! What if there were a way […]

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#Lairing My Boys’ Bedrooms

Posted by on December 11th, 2013, under EQUIPMENT, NOTEBOOK

We were so unprepared before Finn’s birth. His room was in disarray and we were in the middle of packing the hospital bag when vaj-agra falls happened. In less than fours hours, we had a baby boy in our arms. This time I wanted to buy all of the things, not just to be ready […]

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Story Time: Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

Posted by on May 15th, 2013, under EQUIPMENT

We have been talking about books so much lately that we finally realized: there are an insane amount of great books out there! Not the boring, frumpy kind of books. THE BUTT-KICKING AWESOME KIND! So, we decided to start sharing them with you. Today’s book is by a gentleman who deserves both praise and a […]

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Poop Cats Are Raving About “Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures”

Posted by on March 27th, 2013, under EQUIPMENT

We’ve been talking about our book a whole bunch leading up to April 2nd’s release date, but we want you to know that, despite popular opinion, we can read, and that we do read things without our names on them. So, bring your blankies, flashlights & juice boxes. We’re gonna do story time about books […]

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Tricycles for Adults

Posted by on February 6th, 2013, under EQUIPMENT

I like dangerous stuff as much as anyone but this makes me anxious in the adventure bone. But these guys have taken it to the limit. THE LIMIT, I TELL YOU. Sure, real-life Mario Kart looks like fun, and is just what the doctor ordered if you’re trying to recapture your toddler youth, but I’m […]

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Lego: Ruining Childhoods

Posted by on January 25th, 2013, under EQUIPMENT

So, listen Lego. We have a problem. You have made THIS. Buy it here! Where was this when I was kid, Sirs and Madams? I lost years off my life. I’m not angry. I’m not. JUST SAYING, OKAY? Also, you’ve cut down the amount of time searching for pieces by 1/1,000,000,000,000th, thereby making Lego activities […]

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Me Likey Monday #1

Posted by on January 7th, 2013, under EQUIPMENT

So, I’ve been toying with (yes, it’s a pun) talking about more cool stuff and equipment and toys on the blog. I find so many cool things, and as evidenced by our 15 Days of Christmas Junk that ended up being, well, only eight days, I can go on forever. So, I thought I should […]

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