How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad


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Darkness is illuminated with remembrance.

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Get Away, Go Play…

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  Having trouble watching? Go Here! Sometimes, it’s awesome to remember that life exists outside the digital domain. It’s easy to forget. We’re all fighting battles against time and our responsibilities. And laundry. That bastard, laundry. We don’t give advice on this website, but if we had to give one piece of wisdom? Get out […]

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The Great Time Travel Portrait Giveaway!

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Today, you can enter for a chance to time travel, friends. And we’re giving away $2000 in prizes! We’re teaming up with Clorox for their 100th birthday with a crazyinsane Twitter party (see below) and also offering you a chance to step into a digital Delorean so you can see yourself in a picture photoshopped […]

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Parent Sex Pro Tip: Toys

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There’s good advice and there’s bad advice. And then there’s advice that’s so weird and confusing, you don’t know which one it is. One thing that’s certain is that sex deprivation, the lame prize in the cereal box of parenthood, can often make even the worst advice seem plausible. Or something. Maybe. – Follow us […]

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Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (April Fool’s Final Reveal)

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Our first guest-poster, Richard Bushman, is… Prominent mommy blogger and inventor of Twitter parties, Amy Lupold Bair! (@ResourcefulMom) Happy April Fool’s Day!   Don’t believe us? Well, come to our Twitter party we’re co-hosting with Amy tomorrow night at 5pm PST/8pm EST to win prizes and stuff for the launch of our book. Just […]

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Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (April Fool’s Reveal Part 3-4)

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April Fool’s!!! Richard Bushman is not just not Richard Bushman, he is not a MAN. She’s a woman! Muhuhahhahaha! You can’t be mad at us, either, like when we faked the death of our website last year! It’d be sexist or something if you were pissed about this, right? (We’re crossing our fingers, just in […]

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Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (Dramatic Reveal Part 2-4)

Posted by on March 30th, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

We know this is just a tormenting tease. But we really just can’t help ourselves. Recap from Part 1: Richard Bushman, our first guest-poster, is not actually Richard Bushman. This news won’t be surprising to those that thought “Dick Bushman” was just a little too porn-star a name to be real. Which it isn’t. The […]

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Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (Dramatic Reveal Part 1-4)

Posted by on March 29th, 2013, under NOTEBOOK

It’s all been a lie. Not a white lie, though, this sucker is a brightly-colored lie with stain-guard and fade-resistance. Or is it not a lie? And this is a lie about lying? Whoa… Richard Bushman is the first guest-poster we’ve had on our website. Many of you enjoyed his amazing tale, Getting an Evite […]

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7 Abnormal “Uses” for PEEPS

Posted by on March 26th, 2013, under INSTRUCTIONAL DIAGRAMS, NOTEBOOK

Since we’re both ninjas, and we know lots of secrets, we figure it’s time to let you in on the undercover and atypical applications for the ever-popular, marshmallowy PEEPS of Easter fame. This video is a great primer for some of the common ways you might already be familiar with… But let’s dive deeper, shall […]

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You Can Become a Classic Video Game Family!

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Something amazing is about to happen. Two somethings! Two things that come together and create… way more than just two things. Two giveaways! The First Amazing Something The first thing is something new. A giveaway! Why is that new? Because it’s a FLASH contest! Meaning there’s not much time on this tick-tock-kaBOOM you better act […]

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