How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

About Us: Who are these guys? (HTBAD) is a not so much a “how-to”, but a “how-not-to” entertainment website for parents… or anyone who’s ever had parents really. Follow Andy Herald (@andyherald) and Charlie Capen (@charliecapen), two sleep-deprived friends with nothing left to lose but their sanity as they learn to be dads and try to look smart doing so. They’re not experts, but that isn’t gonna stop them from pretending. You’ve been warned.

Charlie Capen

Charlie is a colorblind actor/musician/ writer/dad living near the outskirts of Los Angeles. Raised in captivity atop the hills of San Francisco as the son of a roaming radio DJ father and executive power mom, he knew as a child that children were more important than adults. Though he has played many roles as an actor, his biggest part and hardest gig will be to pass himself off as a decent father.

Andy Herald

Andy came into this world so quietly that his mom thought she just needed go to the bathroom. She is probably one of the very few people who almost literally “dropped the kids off at the pool.” Now larger and much less quiet, Andy is a heavily-caffeinated designer dad living in Pasadena with his spunky wife and three boys. He isn’t a writer, but his knack for strange analogies and metaphors rivals a magician’s flair for finding quarters behind unsuspecting ears. He is a lover of life, family, friends, fun and other f words. And if you vote for him, all your wildest dreams will come true.