How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Dad Jokes Hall of Shame: Quarantine Edition

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We can all agree that these times are “unprecedented,” “uncertain” and “challenging,” and I think we can all also unanimously agree we’re utterly sick of hearing those adjectives.

But whatever these pandemic times are called, they are definitely calling for the medicine of laughter. So! Enjoy these quarantine themed dad jokes, or just get your groan on for a bit. It’s better than sighing or sobbing, I guarantee it.

Sounds medically accurate, right?
So much online shopping these days.
AND sustainable!
It wouldn’t surprise me for Amazon to have interspecies demographics.
Snacking is now America’s favorite pastime.
It’s Purelly a good idea.
A bit more relevant than the chicken crossing the road.
We’ve all got our demons.
System error.
My favorite form of exercise.
Tough audience, too.
Weird to be able to say the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020.
Missed opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed these, at best, or, at worst, I hope they weren’t too painful to endure. Stay safe, folks!


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  1. Mike Wright says:

    These are some really good jokes 😀

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