How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Unusual Cocktail Ideas for Unusually Resourceful Parents


For parents, the days of partying into the wee-est hours of the night is an ancient thing of past. Aside from baby sitting, it can be hard to keep our eyes pried open long enough to make a second toast.

But just because we’re “all growed up” and raising kids doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fermented and distilled fruits and grains of adulthood.

Sure, we don’t all have a full bar and exotic, hard to pronounce liqueurs or all shiny thingamajigs bartenders use, but! Parents are ridiculously good at adapting and overcoming. You may not have ever personally made an emergency diaper out of a grocery bag and a spare blankie, but seeing one on a toddler you’d probably nod with understanding respect.

So! Here are a few ideas of some unusual, makeshift parenting-themed cocktails to inspire you child-wielding adapters and overcomers:

The Potty Trainer Unusual Cocktail Recipe
Think of it like a whiskey sour, except… a terrible one. Maybe don’t think of it like that.
Caffeine Mule Unusual Cocktail Recipe
This is sort of a mashup of a Moscow Mule and an Irish Coffee. So it’s sort of like what happens to all the colors of a playdoh set, but with caffeine.
Juice-Box-tini Unusual Cocktail Recipe
Cocktails don’t need to be complicated or pretentious. Consider this Exhibit A.
Netflix and Snooze Unusual Cocktail Recipe
Who are we kidding? We can barely make it through an episode with no alcohol. Zzz Zzz Zzz
Breakfast Cereal Champ Unusual Cocktail Recipe
Sort of like a White Russian and an Egg Nog-ish cocktail got together and had a baby.
Bloody MacGyver Unusual Cocktail Recipe
This cocktail idea is really stretching the concept of adapt, improvise and overcome.

So, maybe these cocktail ideas are a little on the weird side. I can’t personally vouch for all of them (especially the Bloody MacGyver), but I encourage you to loosen your neckties and let down your tight hair buns and experiment a little with making drinks with the items you have in your home, without the usual snobbery of traditional fine mixology.

Have fun with it. Maybe some of these will delight you. Maybe some will make you throw up in your mouth a little. Who knows!

And, of course, as always, drink responsibly!


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    Oh these are indeed some great idea… definitely going to try each one out 😀

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