How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

KidzPoop – Bad Product Idea


So, this may actually be a good product idea if you’re looking to become a millionaire fast, but not so much in terms of overall parenting, and raising kids that aren’t embarrassments in society. Anymore than they already may be.

If you have a little kid, and haven’t yet experienced them replacing words in song lyrics with childish and inappropriate words, you need to either give it time or check to make sure they’re not an android or alien masquerading as your offspring.

You may tell yourself it’s just a phase. Hold on to that hope. Sincerely. Hold on to that hope with a white-knuckled grip. I just might recommend that your don’t place any substantial bets on it.

All of my sons went through this “phase.” And then came back for seconds and thirds. Each phase fading, only to return again later bigger and stronger, with more sophisticated words being remixed into songs.

During the holidays, the family might be serenaded with a classic like Jingle Balls, or a birthday party singalong receiving their Happy Buttday rendition.

And as their musical lexicon expands, you may be rocked with songs like What a Underwearful World, The Wind Beneath my Penis, or Sgt. Pooper’s Lonely Farts Club Band.

Whichever kind of parent you are, try not to laugh, or let that forehead vein burst. It will pass. For a while, at least.


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