How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Protect Your Kids AND Yourself


Parents have to protect their kids from harm all the time, and, ironically, they also have to protect THEMSELVES from their kids. LEGO landmines, sick sneezes to the face, roundhouse kicks to the head. No joke, I have three friends that have had their noses broken from a bobble-headed toddler giving them a surprise head butt. So, it’s our job to be protectors. For them, and ourselves.

There’s really nothing that can prepare you for the Olympic level of adrenaline you’ll burn worrying about your kids and the efforts you’ll take to keep them safe. If it’s not the common dangers of the world, it’s their innate obsession with getting into things they aren’t supposed to…in the blink of an eye.

And since kids are little junkies for bright small shiny objects, the importance of keeping laundry packets out of reach is a big ol’ DUH. But sometimes (or all the time) our foggy parent-brains need a little nudge for even the most obvious things, which is why I’m working with ACI (The American Cleaning Institute) on their Packets Up! campaign to get that nudge out there.

So! Keep your laundry packets packed in their original containers and up and out of reach and sight from children.

DISCLOSURE: ACI was rad enough to sponsor this post so you and your little ones can enjoy a safe home and a clean wardrobe. Okay, maybe mostly just the safe part. Let’s not get carried away; kids are little filth monsters. HA!


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